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Welcome to a completely new style of female domination

Since my teens I have taken great pleasure in manipulating, humiliating and torturing males both physically and psychologically. Now in my twenties, I am educated, well-spoken, leggy and in a position to indulge my bossy streak. I like to play in a spontaneous, fun and natural way; entirely free of the cliches and theatrics of ‘traditional’ BDSM as I am a naturally dominant woman and certainly not going through the motions. In fact, you could call me the ultimate, real, humiliatrix and foot goddess.

I welcome session enquiries from submissives, fetishists, novices and experienced players alike, provided our interests and characters are complementary. I session from immaculate, non-dungeon playspaces all over the World, complete with all manner of accessories.

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ALSO AVAILABLE: vanilla audiences | double/triple domme | male dom


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08 Oct

London Sessions

I’ll be returning to London sessions once a month until late 2019, after which I’ll be retiring!

Make the most of this opportunity to session with one of the UK’s best known Mistresses and apply for your session via email: modernempress@gmail.com




ME x

03 Aug

Join my new outrageous, daily, premium content snapchat!

Are you looking for a 100% real, unstaged, uncensored and outrageous premium BDSM content service? If so, you will probably be excited to hear that I’ve launched a private premium Snapchat. Daily updates include audio, video, images PLUS you get to see my face and hear my voice as well as lots of disgustingly lewd POV videos and scenes with my two filming slaves. It’s a fully interactive service so you can opt in or out of certain content (don’t want to see hardsports? just DM to register disinterest!) as well as message me directly and make requests for the next day’s content. No other BDSM performer’s content service is as interactive and responsive as this platform.

The best bit is that you can log in and out of Snapchat, or delete and reinstall the app, as you choose…meaning total privacy and no need to clear your internet browsing history. Each day’s content remains available for 24 hours and more is added throughout the day, meaning at any one time you could have up to 35 replayable mini clips available to enjoy.

All this for only £35 ($49) a month. Or in other words, £1.12 per day…or 3 pence per mini clip! You can see some censored screenshots from the first week below…content seems to get filthier by the day…

Sign up here (minimum 1 month subsciption), then send me your Snapchat ID via private message! https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?c=1935159&rid=2789512


London Mistresses

If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting a London mistress before, the sheer thrill of the session will be enough to inspire your swift return to their services. London mistresses are powerful, seductive and naturally dominant women with a burning and ever-present passion for exploring the strengths and weaknesses of their subs. A true London mistress won’t indulge in her line
of work for financial gain – she is a natural dominatrix and humiliatrix with a penchant for open-minded experiences, and subs naturally find themselves smitten by her confidence, intelligence and sexually articulate manner.

More About Visiting A London Mistress

As one of London’s most intuitive and discerning mistresses, I plan all of my BDSM sessions according to the request of my slaves and subs as well as my own desires. Discussing your interests before the appointment will allow me to gain a better understanding of your personality and allow me to discover more what you want to achieve from our meeting. I highly recommend that you email me with preferences and ideas before we meet so I am able to adapt my games to suit both of our tastes.

Tips For Slaves

All London mistresses demands courtesy and reverence from her slaves. I am no exception. I ask that any requests are communicated respectfully and all cancellations are made in good time. I’d also ask that you provide me with your age, prior experience of domination, BDSM and London mistresses and details of any health issues you may have so I can tailor our encounter accordingly.

Humiliatrix In London

I am a seasoned humiliatrix and have enjoyed exploring ways to exploit the weaknesses of men since my very early teens. I can arrange mild to extreme humiliation sessions suitable for both novices and experienced slaves and will indulge in varying levels of mockery, insults and abuse at the request of my submissive. Should you wish for a more adventurous session with your
humiliatrix, I can arrange for a group audience of vanilla girls to witness your degradation first-hand, though notice will be needed.

London Foot Fetish Model

Though I remain a successful London mistress and humiliatrix with a diverse portfolio of interests, I am also a respected foot model and so welcome interest from foot fetish enthusiasts who seek a thrill from foot and leg worship.

I offer a London foot fetish experience like no other. During the session, I may allow you to indulge any and all of your favourite foot fetish fantasies for my amusement, allowing you to be teased by my feet as I wish during our unique
experience with the help of any of my props. I boast an enticing collection of shoes and boots at my personal playspace in the heart of the capital, alongside a wide array of tights, stockings, socks and beautiful foot jewellery, all of which can add an extra exciting element to your London foot fetish session. Please note that I do not offer sex.


Modern Empress


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