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03 Aug

Join my new outrageous, daily, premium content snapchat!

Are you looking for a 100% real, unstaged, uncensored and outrageous premium BDSM content service? If so, you will probably be excited to hear that I’ve launched a private premium Snapchat. Daily updates include audio, video, images PLUS you get to see my face and hear my voice as well as lots of disgustingly lewd POV videos and scenes with my two filming slaves. It’s a fully interactive service so you can opt in or out of certain content (don’t want to see hardsports? just DM to register disinterest!) as well as message me directly and make requests for the next day’s content. No other BDSM performer’s content service is as interactive and responsive as this platform.

The best bit is that you can log in and out of Snapchat, or delete and reinstall the app, as you choose…meaning total privacy and no need to clear your internet browsing history. Each day’s content remains available for 24 hours and more is added throughout the day, meaning at any one time you could have up to 35 replayable mini clips available to enjoy.

All this for only £35 ($49) a month. Or in other words, £1.12 per day…or 3 pence per mini clip! You can see some censored screenshots from the first week below…content seems to get filthier by the day…

Sign up here (minimum 1 month subsciption), then send me your Snapchat ID via private message! https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?c=1935159&rid=2789512