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05 Jun

London in June


Fantastic news, boys!

I’ll be back in London for the rest of the month, including double sessions with Ekatarina Romano from June 13th to 18th.

Email modernempress@gmail.com to apply.


07 Feb

Counselling and Therapy Sessions

Some of you may know that over a number of years I have been studying and working in realms outside of the BDSM world. I also toyed with the idea of retiring from professional Mistressing several times, but this has proven hard as I have become very fond of my slaves and friends in the scene.

With this in mind I have decided to combine my academic and kink lives and open up a new service to both new and old friends. After hearing from so many of you that you were seeking therapy and counselling related to your fetish and/or sexual concerns, it became increasingly clear that this could be of benefit to a large number of individuals. That said, the sessions can focus on any area of life that you choose, with no emphasis on kink or BDSM unless by your request.

I am a certified counsellor, with post graduate qualifications in Counselling Practice, Ethics and Psychology from universities including Oxford. I am currently participating in a Masters program with a renowned red brick university whose Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience faculty is rated as second from top in the World. I have considerable experience in both BDSM and the applications of counselling, and knowledge of a wide variety of therapeutic models.

In London, a 50 minute 1-on-1 counselling session is GBP150
In Dubai, a 50 minute 1-on-1 counselling session is AED1500

In London, a course of 6 sessions is GBP800
In Dubai, a course of 6 sessions is AED8000

Skype counselling sessions GBP120/hr worldwide.

To enquire, please email modernempress@gmail.com

Please note: Counselling sessions are strictly limited to counselling and therapeutic activity. There will be NO BDSM activities involved in this session. If you are seeking a therapist roleplay, this should be discussed in relation to a pro Mistress session per the usual route. All of your details will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and you may use an alias should you wish. Further details of my qualifications are available on request. Any history of mental illness, drug use, or medication should be disclosed. All sessions are undertaken in a private, secure and safe environment.

14 Nov

New Travel Dates

One of Dubai’s most elite & elegant Mistresses will return to the city soon.

Dubai 27th Nov – 12 Dec
London 13 Dec – 17 Dec
New Year dates – TBC

My Dubai tribute is 1hr AED2000 and 2hrs AED3500. Please email modernempress@gmail.com to apply.

Christmas Wishlist: http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/7KY5PYGAIZP7



29 Oct


Excellent news for my boys in the UK (and Ireland).

I will be visiting London from the 6th until 26th November!

Within that time, on the 12th 13th and 14th of November I’ll also be offering doubles with a dominatrix named Ekatarina Romanovich.

All sessions are based near East Croydon. Email Modernempress@gmail.com to apply.

Slave's View

21 Aug

Can You Help?

As some of you will remember, every couple of years I visit South East Asia in order to volunteer and provide charitable donations. In the past I have focused on Cambodia and Myanmar, working for my favourite charity (Street Kids Rescue) known now as HEAL Kids Foundation. This charity is extremely unusual in the fact that 100% of the donations given reach the targets. This is due to the charity’s running costs being covered by the founder himself, in stark contrast to organisations such as Barnardos who spend extraordinary amounts on high staff salaries and marketing materials.

In the past, HEAL has been asked to help the Red Cross, MSF, Oxfam and other charities to deliver initiatives without bribery and corruption eating into the costs of operating in poor countries. Their strong local links and ability to operate under the radar of il-intentioned authorities make them especially effective.

With that in mind I’ll be returning to Myanmar in December. Can you help? The answer is “Yes” if you can spare either of the following:
– Used / worn children’s clothing ages 3-16
– Any small monetary donation given directly to the charity (even £1 helps! £1 is a day’s wage for someone who is very willing to work for a living.)

HEAL helps young people in Myanmar in the following ways:
– Homing & feeding children who are orphaned due to ethnic cleansing, natural disaster (remember that tsunami? Many children lost entire families) and illness.
– Providing routine surgeries for people unable to provide for their family due to simple conditions like cataracts.
– Caring for disabled or deformed children (often they’re this way due to poor parental diet or starvation.)
– Building schools and clinics & employing local people on fair wages commensurate with their economy to do so.
– Providing meat for children taken in by Buddhist monks and nuns who can really not afford to buy enough protein to sustain them all.
– Providing sex education, information on STDs, free contraceptives and sanitary products.
– Rescuing groups of girls who are abducted for the purpose of trafficking to paedophile or paid sex groups in other countries (via Laos etc) and providing them with education, housing and work skills so that they may avoid such situations in the future.

Myanmar is the World’s poorest country. There are no civil liberties, no democracy and no government spending. But healthcare and education = a population who can work, generate economic growth and demand a vote. Something many UK citizens take for granted.

I know that many of you can afford my tribute so I donate a proportion of what I earn every year – on your behalf – to this cause. If you can spare a little on top of that please consider my suggestions above 🙂


Please email via my Contact page to organise donation of children’s clothing.

ME x

09 Aug

London & Dubai

Hi there folks 🙂

After lots of travelling and essay writing, your favourite London Mistress is back in the Capital.

I will be accepting known slaves for sessions on 26 & 27 August based near East Croydon.

I’ll then return to Dubai from the 1st until 4th of September.

My Dubai tribute is AED 2000 for one hour or AED 3500 for two hours.

Please email modernempress@gmail.com to apply or you can WhatsApp me but only 48 hours before your intended session date.


ME favourite photo
ME x

10 Jun

Upcoming Travels etc – UPDATE!

Time for an update on my whereabouts this summer.

Due to Ramadan, and the diabolical temperatures, I’ll be away from Dubai until the end of August / beginning of September. Watch this space and my Twitter account (@HumiliatrixUK) for confirmation of the exact dates nearer the time. Sessions in Dubai should be applied for by email via modernempress@gmail.com or you can whatsapp me but only 48 hours before your intended session date. I will NOT engage in conversations that simply begin with “Hi”.

I’ll be visiting London in July, from the 16th until the 29th. Please note that I am semi-retired, that is to say that new slaves in London are no longer able to session with me. You can see my previous blog posts for some Mistress recommendations in London. My known, regular, slaves are of course welcome to apply for session time with me in the usual way. I am almost booked up at this stage but will endeavour to fit you in as I miss my London boys terribly when I am away!

For those of you who have asked what I’m up to, outside of the dates that I advertise as being available to session in either Dubai or London, I am busy enjoying other endeavours. I am currently studying for my MSc and travelling between Europe and the Middle East. I promise I haven’t forgotten you all 🙂

In the meantime, you might like to check out Sardax’ latest sketch of me, which I was thrilled with! You can find it on my Twitter account, and it will be posted here soon: @HumiliatrixUK

ME x

11 May


With immediate effect, I will no longer be accepting new slaves in London. New slaves in Dubai are welcome to apply for sessions.

If you are seeking a Mistress in London I can wholeheartedly recommend the following who are either resident or visitors to the city:


Domina Heelena
Mistress Elita
Mistress Elizabeth Swann
Mistress Alice Malice
Mistress Lubyanka (Croydon)
Ms Ashleigh Doll (Croydon)



07 May


Having grown up in the Capital and been a resident for many years, it is with great delight that I can announce some upcoming London dates:


9-17 May – FULLY BOOKED (email modernempress@gmail.com to join waiting list.)
1-6 July – Limited spaces available in East Croydon only.


To apply for a session please use the form on the contact page.

Please note that the tribute for NEW SLAVES in London is £250/hr.


ME favourite dress

04 May

Modern Slave

A hilarious, George Carlin-inspired BDSM rap, by Slave K in Dublin:


I’m an old fashioned man new on the scene
A doormat ‘You’re welcome, here’s the spare key’
I’ve been blackmailed by stamped mail
Which dovetailed with a pony tail
Can’t find golden showers in the Golden Pages
And M&S is not what I thought it was
Between me and YouTube I don’t surf the World Wide Webcam
Never heard of Tinder or Tumbler or Grinder or Grumbler
In a phone booth a number
Scratched on the wall
Ain’t got no one else to call
I said hello Madame I’m a slave to the night
She said I’m semi-retired and full of demands
Footstool, footsteps, footwork, footrests
High heels or the high way
No ifs and butt plugs
Collared and masked, no questions asked
Geeks and freaks
If you suck you’re in luck
Her slaps are ferocious
She’s super sadomasochist expialidocious
Different strokes for different folks
Spooky spreaders, medieval yokes
Hot wax, cold shoulder
Panic snap, plastic wrap
She crossed the boss and left an old flame on her x-frame
Her boy toy is forced bi
And there’s a straitjacket in the closet
I’m a pushy sub with a fleshy bottom
Privately owned and publicly exposed
I asphyxiate while I masturbate
I read the Racing Post from the whipping post
I like long walks on the beach but to be kept on a short leash
I play handball, netball, kickball, stickball, softball but no hardsports
I felt alive but the line went dead
I should broadband my horizons
Join a server instead
I’m a modern man!
With a brand spanking new Instadom on Instagram
I moved my playspace into cyberspace
My pen pal onto PayPal
And now I’m on iCloud 9
I get dissed by a Swiss Miss
I chit chat with a Brit Brat
And a princess from Nigeria with a lucrative business proposal
I tie myself up and dust myself down
A self-made sissy maid – no frills
A rare type of Skype
A prime example to follow and trample
I’ll backtrack on a contract
Save face with a safe word
And duct tape a Mars bar betwixt my legs
Add to basket, take away control
A happy go lucky puppy
On my knees to please
Cock locked and ready to rock
All aboard castration station
But I’m finished with Findom
Well…one more donation