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Displaying appreciation for your mistress opens the door to a special relationship


One hour: £250
Every hour thereafter: £200

One hour: AED2000
Every hour thereafter: AED1500

Specialist activities (hardsports, for example), double or triple Mistress sessions, vanilla audience (single or groups), overseas travel, extended or dinner date sessions: contact me to discuss.

Distance Training: From £500 p.c.m. (1 position newly available!)


Like all women, I adore being pampered and spoilt and so a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to earn my affection and attention. My birthday falls in mid January, which provides the perfect excuse to indulge me.

Please take a look at My Amazon Wishlist

If you are unsure, I will always appreciate (and spend!) Amazon.co.uk gift cards. NB: My John Lewis gift list will be returning once their online service has been improved.