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26 Sep


Many of you will be familiar with the works of Sardax. He is one of the foremost contemporary artists working in the FemDom arena, having had his work published in various magazines, online, in a book and as commissions of many of the top Mistresses.

Below are previews of two commissions that he has undertaken where I am the subject. If you are a generous slave, consider commissioning a portrait of your Mistress…she is guaranteed to be overjoyed, as was I! Sardax also has a members’ content site, brimming with imaginative erotica, that you can find here: www.sardax.com


25 Sep

Vanessa’s First Load *pics*

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a fabulous sissy slut from across the pond. Vanessa is a well trained, trim, hairless little minx with a blonde bob and wardrobe of considerably naughty outfits.

This cock-worshipping girl’s previous experience included many blowjobs, in sessions with Mistresses, at glory hole clubs, and hotels with TS escorts. However, Vanessa had not yet had the privilege of receiving and swallowing a load…that was until last night, when she swallowed three!

More to come (pun intended) on this extremely servile and maleable sissy. Click the previews for full size pics. All images used with permission from Vanessa.

24 Sep

Blackmail Fantasies

Blackmail is an extremely common fantasy that my slaves express. The problem is that it is exceedingly difficult to pull off without actually ruining someone’s life or breaking the law. Now what use is a slave who has been entirely, genuinely, financially ruined? Absolutely none, from my point of view. So when entering into a consensual blackmail scenario, pace and self control are invaluable.

So it was with great joy this morning that I found this highly entertaining document in my inbox from my slave Bob. His fantasy, on paper, presented as a flow chart. I shall be marking his homework this evening. (NB: Names and Locations have been removed for poor Bob’s privacy.)

22 Sep

The Bitch Returns

After a well-deserved holiday spent almost entirely by the pool, I’ve returned to London full of kinky vim and vigor.

I found myself rather missing my slaves, in particular those who could have been administering pedicures, massages, sun cream application, page-turning, human toilet and maid duties. Still, I just about got by without them and am rubbing my hands with glee at the prospect of resuming sessions properly next week (From Monday 24/09/12).

For those of you who missed my Twitter picture…here’s a delightful holiday snapshot.

11 Sep

Dublin Visit 28th-30th September 2012

After a fantastic trip to Dublin in late August, I have decided to return at the end of September. I’ll be based at a spacious 4 star hotel near Samuel Beckett Bridge.

I am already getting booked up rapidly, so currently session time only remains on the evening of Friday 28th Sept and late afternoon Sat 29th. After this trip, I may not return to Dublin until early 2013.

To book, email modernempress@gmail.com ASAP with details of your prior experience (if any), likes, limits and hopes for your session.


11 Sep

In The Pink

I’m admiring some lovely patterns I’ve recently created on slave bottoms. Often slaves are unable to be marked, so it’s always refreshing to come across slaves who can be left with the physical memories of a CP session. Some even request specific styles of marking, such as the red cane-induced welts on the specimen below. In this instance they were created by me and one of my vanilla friends who likes to watch sessions from time to time. She’s thoroughly sadistic and taking great pleasure in me teaching her how to weild a cane. Volunteers who wish to help with her continuing training should apply via my Contact page.

11 Sep

Weekend Forced Bi Fun

I was extremely impressed by my boys’ performances at the highly entertaining forced bi party that I threw last weekend.

Along with two domina friends (including a lady who is soon to be featured on this blog), I instructed 5 willing fuck puppets to suck, fondle, spank…and in some cases, fuck….eachother for our amusement. Luckily they had a good warm up with our strap-ons first.

One lucky boy took two enormous cum loads on his face, and it was our sissy slut maid’s first forced bi experience, losing his anal virginity to a particularly well-hung and horny slave.

The ladies were left with some wonderful memories…Thank you to all who took part!