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31 Oct

Why You’re Submissive

Ever wondered why you’re submissive, or captivated by your fetish?

With a raft of pop-science books currently being published that delve into the stats behind the sexuality, it’s now a breeze to find out why you’re actually entirely normal.

In case you’re interested to find out more, the books I recommend are:




20 Oct

Chastity Playlist *plus video*

You know you’ve had a good session when your slave is sent away with the homework assignment of compiling a chastity-themed playlist. Slave I has done a marvellous job, so read on for inspiration (and a good chuckle!)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Peter & Gordon, the first entry, here’s a little treat for you.

Peter and Gordon
World Without Love

Take Me I’m Yours

Bob Dylan
It’s All Over Now Baby Blue

Carry That Weight

Jerry Lee Lewis
Great Balls of Fire

Rolling Stones
You Can’t Always Get What You Want

You Keep Me Hanging on

Tori Amos
Raspberry Swirl

I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish

Please Please Let Me Get Want I Want

Rocky Horror
Ta Ta Touch Me

Righteous Brothers
Unchained Melody

Bob Marley
Coming in from the Cold

Get Off


17 Oct

Group Insults & Humiliation Of A Fat Pig

Last night saw a group of my girlfriends and I getting together to thoroughly degrade one of the biggest losers I’ve ever met. This fat, pig-like, specimen hasn’t had sex with his wife in over 3 years. Frankly, we could see why. Not only is he an unattractive lump but he has a micro penis that is so stubby and wrinkled it resembles a newly born Sharpei.

Pig was instructed to bring over several bottles of wine plus some snacks to keep us happy. Once he arrived he was instructed to strip and stand in the center of the room for an inspection. The girls didn’t hesitate in verbally abusing him, shrieking with laughter as the insults flew. Within minutes, this had progressed to interrogation on his sexual experiences, stamina (or lack thereof), his wife’s affairs with other men, etc. After I gave the girls a prolonged caning demonstration, lacerating pig’s behind in the process, they were each keen to have a go themselves and, using both backhand and forehand strokes, gave the worthless fatty a good beating.

By the time we’d waxed the slave’s pubic hair, tortured his cock and balls, used various electrical toys on his ugly body and made him drink our spit and piss, the poor sod was traumatised. The final game involved us trampling his pudgy palms whilst wearing our heeled boots, producing nasty pink marks where the stilettos had skewered his flesh. We’ve termed this “Pigmata” in honour of our lowly worm!

Instructed to dress without having been given any opportunity to tug on his miniscule member, pig was pushed out of the front door to the sound of “Piss off, fuckface!” Luckily for him, he didn’t forget to take the bins out on his way…*chuckle*

10 Oct

Switch Slave

An insightful contribution to my blog from one of my fave slaves, slave I. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to switch, or explore multiple submissive ‘personalities’, this will be an entertaining read.

I am a slave to Modern Empress, to put myself at her feet, be subject to her whim and invention is a stimulating ultimately satisfying experience. Our journey began some time ago and through our regular training sessions and planning emails, where she will take inspiration from my imagination and fantasy, then twist and push them back at me in her own style; I am learning to become a better slave. Empress talks about the strength of submission and that is something I try to take on board. I make a deliberate choice to put myself at her mercy, and then discover she has none! Knowing I have left myself open to her humiliation, icy glance and seemingly never ending supply of beautiful shoes to worship makes my predicament all the more thrilling. That the experience then sexually arouses me, makes it even more humiliating and so the cycle continues. Empress of course finds it most amusing, as from the start of a session my next come is he’s to dictate. During that time my slavery is complete and real, Empress knows what activities excite me, what I ‘enjoy not enjoying’ and areas where, if she forced me into them, I could not give her the service she deserves. Of course she will push at my limits, mental ones in some sessions, physical boundaries another, and every reaction I make I know is carefully stored away for future reference. She understands me enough to forgo set scenarios in our sessions and every time I come to serve her I never know which half discussed idea will be bought into play from her armoury next, or indeed if it will be something new and unexpected. Yes I am excited by the mental and physical punishment she gives, but above and beyond that I crave the self-satisfaction that I have been a good boy and useful of service to my dominating Empress. If she leaves a session feeling better about the world and with an improvement to her life, be it a clean floor or foot massage, then I am proud of my achievement. She is the boss with total freedom to control and demand and I have the strength to give that to her, because of who she is.
But there is a twist, I switch. Not with her, though Empress knows about my dominating side and encourages that expression, but it is in other scene, with other players where I am the one calling the shots. To have a nubile young lady across my knee awaiting a spanking, the weight and heat of her body and the pre-punishment tension in her positioning is an incredible feeling. So different to the total intoxication of being consumed by Empress’ stilettos, but equally as important to me. By experiencing each role in its own self-enclosed and safe environment, I hope my overall ability to enjoy the full BDSM spectrum is increased and that as both a Dom and sub I can give more to the person(s) I scene with. Bonds of trust are just as vital as bonds of rope and a submissive has their own strange freedom. A freedom to express themselves in a way that vanilla society would not understand, a freedom to try new things and a freedom to learn what does and does not stimulate them. It is the Dom’s mission to give that opportunity, in addition to satisfying their own personal desires.
But there’s another twist, I also cross-dress. Since my early 20s I’ve known I’m TV, I find it a relaxant and a way to fully express a part of my psyche that is very important to me. My femininity does not need to be part of a sub/dom session, I have a few, very close friends where I can just be girly, dress casual but sassy and enjoy good food and good company. But when part of your brain is forever hinting you have a fem side and another section gets turned on by all things kinky then the two can combine very well. Again this does not happen with Empress, though she gets to hear the highlights and see pictures, but in its own separate sessions. As a sissy sub, I’m a 6th form schoolgirl, REAL uniform from John Lewis, cute flat shoes, Jane Norman school bag and a funky denim pencil case complete with a sheep key-ring on the zip. I attend extended sessions with a long term Headmistress and undertake very real and very structured lessons. Written work can be anything from composing a sexy story to genuine GCSE practise papers. But there is also deportment training, cookery, choir practise and, deep joy, needlecraft! It’s a fascinating contrast to my time with Empress. As a schoolgirl lessons are designed to test me and if I fail to meet strict standards I know I face punishment, but they are also there to help my TV side, make me a better, more confident and passable girl. Headmistress is my nemesis but also there to develop me. Whereas everything I do for Empress is for her benefit alone and any enjoyment I receive from it is incidental to her. Cross dressing I known is a very broad past-time and to be clothed in a way that was euphoric for a committed TV could be total humiliation to another sub. Strangely I can understand both of those positions. For instance, if Empress tried to dress me in bra and panties, with no wig or make up I would be deeply humiliated. But a part of my brain would be in what I can only describe as “ the wrong space”. I would feel like a girl trapped in a boy’s body and unable to enjoy my discomfort or be the obedient and conscientious slave Empress demands.
My fem side also has a Mistress aspect, which includes my own long term slave, who will do just about anything I order for fear of my crop and chance to sniff around my shoe collection (a good chunk of which has come from slave’s pocket!) Sound familiar? I greatly enjoy this time too, but have to be careful not to live my submissive dreams by proxy. Slave is a pain-slut and needs to lose control and responsibility in sessions with me. I find this power very exciting but it would be very easy to exploit and so unground me. I am in charge and my authority is absolute, As a Mistress I am generally aloof and cold to my regular slave, which keeps me grounded and slave happy with the hopelessness of bondage, but I am more sensual to other playmates. Just as with my schoolgirl aspect, or times with Empress, my role as Mistress is very real. Slave attends sessions for my benefit and I control the tempo and intensity. Slave has many fantasies of quite harsh physical abuse and while I will sometimes go down that route, it is important to vary the scenes with mental tasks and humiliation. Beside my right arm may get tired and my kitchen floor can always do with a clean! I enjoy living out clichés, but with my own twist. I play with financial domination, but that does not have to mean extortion, rather receiving simple luxuries such as Tesco sushi, or my own favourite a lottery ticket. I punish the slave it if doesn’t pay out and will be a rich bitch if it ever does, the ideal win-win situation. Even shopping tasks can be twisted and I enjoy thinking about slave wasting free-time, naked with a laptop trying to find a pair of shoes that will please me, on ebay, within a strict budget. So being a dom(me) is in many ways liberating but also carries with it responsibility and trust. Knowing that everything I have to consider when with my slave, Empress also does when dealing with me is an wonderful thought.
Cutting my BDSM life into 4 distinct boxes works for me, each will influence and inspire the others but I want to experience each one for its own sake, submerge myself within them an come out of it stronger and wiser. What’s not to like?

07 Oct

Poets’ Corner

A wonderful ode to his Mistress from slave K in Dublin:

She likes that he’s early and lets him stay late

Is it modern madness or a leap of faith?

But he’s here and it’s real, no cliches or theatrics

They’re just getting their kicks in room 626

Now this is a beautiful woman, to be amused and obeyed

On the bed to his left are her tools of the trade

A place for everything and everything in its place

His is on the floor, her fabulous feet flattening his freckled face

Shoe shining some sexy size seven Sherbert stilettos subject to her whim

What others call deviancy, makes perfect sense to him

But can he even keep up? He’d best become sharper and fitter

She even makes him want to sign up to Twitter

She’ll domme his thoughts for weeks, of that there’s no doubt

She rules the earth, he’s just the first man in Dublin to find out

They say their goodbyes while he has high heels to defile

The emperor is dead, long live the Empress of the Emerald Isle

04 Oct

Want to be a filming slave?

I will be filming an interview and a few scenes for a Swedish television series next week.

Likely filming date is Sunday 14th October and the location will be my playroom in Central London.

If you are a slave interested in taking part then get in touch ASAP to apply. You will be serving me as well as a beautiful, well-known television journalist from Sweden.

Applications should come via email only to modernempress@gmail.com

04 Oct


Tins of beans? Check.
Birds custard? Check.
Plastic sheeting? Check.
Full bladder in order to give slave a thorough covering in my pee? Absolutely check.

It’s enough to make a slave jizz into the resultant mess.