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29 Nov

Dublin Visit 8th – 10th February 2013

I’ll be available to session in Dublin over the weekend of Friday 8th to Sunday 10th of February 2013.

Sessions will be available within the following time periods:

Friday 8th: 4pm-7pm
Saturday 9th: 4pm-7pm
Sunday 10th: 10am-1pm

I tend to get booked up very quickly so reserve your place ASAP. Please note that the relevant conversion rate applies to sessions paid in Euro instead of Pounds Sterling and you will need to pay a deposit of £30 in advance to secure your session due to high demand.

27 Nov

Mistress Lookalike Contest Winners

Well the lookalike contest certainly drew a lot of submissions. Some wilder than others! Obviously they were all supremely flattering…I suppose if you can’t perform arse worship with me physically you may as well try it emotionally.

The joint winners of the contest are slave K and slave G. They both suggested Zuleikha Robinson, who plays Roya Hammad in the TV series Homeland. Therefore, as their fetishes also happen to be similar, both slaves win a pair of my worn shoes, to be collected in their next session. Lucky buggers!

26 Nov

Bangla FemDom

A brilliant video here (for the sheer entertainment factor if nothing else) sent to me by S.

20 Nov

Lookalike Contest

This is one for the slaves who have been to visit me in person, ideally, for obvious reasons.

After having been told by three slaves in one week that I look like certain celebrities, I decided to invite others to contribute. The winner of this contest will win a prize tailored to their particular kink…a delicious treat.

You can enter up until 27th November by email or tweet, attaching an image of the lady in question.

You can see some of the suggestions so far in the gallery below…click for larger versions.

20 Nov

Male Doms

From time to time I am asked by slaves if a male dom can join sessions. It’s certainly not for everyone, however it is requested often enough for me to tackle the topic here.

I, like most discerning London Mistresses, will only session with people whom I know and trust. So it is only recently, now that a dominant male friend of mine has made himself available to session, that I can offer mixed male & female dom(me) sessions. These sessions are open to both men and women and, as the male dom in question is a bisexual master of physical discipline as well as humiliation and control, they hold appeal to slaves interested in anything from bondage to boot worship, beatings or blowjobs.

Mister Grey is also the sharply dressed house dom at Toppers Club, a London BDSM gathering. Approachable, affable, and kinky as hell, he has been described as “A dangerously deviant, suited and booted smiling sadist. Stealth, secrecy, and spanking are some of his specialities, and for you a sense of humour is essential. He believes life is too short to be taking things too seriously, however – whilst whips and chains are fun toys to play with, there is no substitute for *real* submission; his ability to mesmerise someone with the right kind of stare is a power unlike anything else.”

Mister Grey receives session requests from a great many female as well as male slaves. If you would like to arrange a session with he and I then please get in touch via the contact form on this site.

19 Nov

Faceslap Feedback

Sweet messages from a slave who can take hard faceslapping. When I saw him last week he took around 100 slaps. He says:

“It was one of the most memorable sessions for me. After most sessions I can’t recall most of the session details. But your execution was so flawless that I distinctly remember how I was faceslapped, spat on and humiliated. Your faceslaps were super hard and harder than I had expected.

You also touched every part of my session request and pushed my boundaries.

I totally enjoyed being bullied by you. It was my happiest subservient hour. Was totally intimidated by you and was under your spell. You are so natural , both in terms of your outfits and your domination style.”

So that’s decided then, I must slap people more often 🙂

18 Nov

A Guide To Mistress Etiquette: First Contact

When idiots are granted access to the internet, they send ramblings like this little delight that landed in my inbox this afternoon:

“I’m finding that im needing to find someone who can make me explore things further, Basically I’m finding anal pleasurable and have got a couple of vibrators that doa good job, But it’s getting boring doing it on my own and i want to try taking anal in a harder way, I find it horny if i watch porn and the girl does anal, I basically want to see if i can take it in the same way so i need someone to give it to me in a similar way, with a vibro or something similar like a cucumber would be good to start, This then leads me to getting very horny and wondering if a cock was thrust near my face would i be so horny i sucked it like the girls in the porn, then would i take cock in me!? I don’t think I’m Bi I just get V horny sometimes. THese are questions I’m going to struggle to answer meeting people out and about.”

I wonder who might ask this chap to answer such questions whilst out and about? The same person who taught him to punctuate? Rather thoughtfully, he copied this group message to six Mistresses, all of whom I’m certain were delighted to receive it.

So, with that example of how NOT to contact a Mistress out of the way, let’s look at how you can score a multitude of brownie points with your prospective Domme when making email contact for the first time…

1) Read her website THOROUGHLY. The bit where I mention that I don’t offer sexual services or that I’m away on certain dates is there for a reason – to prevent both you and I wasting our time. Both of us want to meet with people who we are compatible with, so read copy carefully.

2) Address your email personally, courteously, to one Mistress and one Mistress only at a time. If you are looking for a double or triple session you should contact each lady in question independently as a first step. Copying multiple Dommes into one impersonal email is simply rude. Rudeness is not an attractive trait in anybody, let alone a submissive.

3) Introduce yourself. You’d be amazed how many people send me emails without signing off with a name, nickname, pseudonym or even an initial. Not only is it polite to do so but helpful for your Mistress to identify you when you speak on the phone for the first time.

4) Be clear about what you’re seeking from your Mistress. The message above is a self-indulgent broadcast of one man’s wank fantasies… If, instead of this, he had contacted me politely requesting a beginner strap-on session I would have happily considered it.

5) Never forget your manners.

I’m happy to say that the vast majority of people who contact me are exceedingly polite and likeable in their written manner and should have no use at all for these rules. But for those of you who are novices, reading this and pondering your future dealings with Mistresses, take note of these tips so that you can make the best possible impression when you do take the plunge (in the case of the offender mentioned above, the plunge of the cucumber entering your backside).

16 Nov

The Multi-Orgasmic Man

An article, and book, of interest to any guys who wish to expand their sexual repertoire or engage in very full-on edging / tie and tease play within a dome & sub relationship…


14 Nov

Cuckolding & Toilet Slavery *story*

Another story, this time only Part 1 of 2, by slave R. The usual spelling and grammar disclaimer applies…

Be Careful what you Wish for

It all started one beautiful summer’s day when Ruby and I had decided to have a picnic in the park to
enjoy the sunshine. As usual I got up early and went to the supermarket to buy the items for the picnic
and got it ready. When I got back Ruby woke up and told me to make the coffees which I did before we
headed out.

We got to the park and found a quiet spot. Ruby stripped down to her bikini and looked absolutely
stunning as always. Lovely long toned legs, well shaped medium sized breast and a sensational arse.
I knew every guy would be jealous of me as they no doubt would discreetly ogle Ruby. This thought
was enough to get me excited and I quickly turned onto my front to hide my erection.

I must have dozed off for an hour or two. When I woke up the park was fuller and I noticed Ruby was
sitting up looking at a group off guys playing football nearby. She seemed to be having a good look –
they were all topless and looked fit and muscular. Understandable that she would prefer admiring their
fit physiques than my slight beer belly and chicken arms.

“Like what you see?” I asked. She hadn’t noticed that I had woken up and my question surprised her
a bit. “Yes, they are rather nice to look at” she replied with a smile. I admitted her ogling other men
turned me on.

That evening we had what I thought was great sex. Afterwards I jokingly said “I bet you’d prefer it if it
had been one of the boys at the park shagging you”. She then said that actually yes, it would have been
nice, especially as their cocks would certainly be bigger than mine and that she found my cock a bit of
a disappointment.. Her openness did shock me. She had mentioned the smallness of my dick before,
and once when drunk she had measured it with a tape measure and phoned a girlfriend to tell her how it
was only 4”. I was humiliated but extremely turned on at the same time – in fact I’m sure my little dick
increased to four and a quarter inches in excitement.

“The thought turns you on doesn’t it?” I admitted that it did. We then had a good discussion about my
submissiveness and I admitted that the thought of being her cuck slave boy was a huge turn on for me.

I thought nothing off it until a few weeks later I was working in my study and she came in wearing
sexy black lingerie, which was a very nice surprise. An even bigger surprise was when she handed me
a piece of paper and asked me to sign it. She explained that she had been thinking how much fun it
would be to try out my cuck slave boy fantasy and said she had written up a contract which would be in
place for a one month trial period. She told me to read it through, think about it very carefully and if I
was ok with it I should sign the contract. However she warned me that if I agreed she would stick to the
contract and ensure she enjoyed all the benefits – I could not pike out once I signed it.

The key contract clauses included the following:

I was to be locked in a chastity device at all times, with Ruby looking after both keys;
I was to do all chores that she demanded;
I was to hand over half my pay packet for the month to ensure she could go out and enjoy herself
I had to accept all punishments she felt I deserved
She could take as many lovers as she wanted during the month.
I would only be let out to cum by a method of her choosing once a week

She left me to think about it and explained that if I signed the contract any minor transgression would
increase the time I spent in chastity and a major breach or if I decided I no longer wanted to go through
with it she would leave me and get herself a ‘real’ man as I would be of no use to her.

When I finished reading my head was spinning and cock was straining in my pants! Wow, what a huge
turn on, but also incredibly scary. I knew straight away I would sign – I had been fantasising about
such a scenario for a while now and after all it was only for a month.

I hurriedly signed and handed over the contract. “Excellent!” said Ruby with a huge grin on her
face. “Right, hand it over with the proper demeanour – on your knees, eyes to the floor!” I did as
instructed and found her new dominance very exciting. “Now strip” she commanded. I quickly did so

and she noticed my little dicklet standing to attention. She pulled out a CB6000 chastity device and
it was obvious that even with its small size it would not be possible to lock the device in place in its
current state. “We’re going to have to do something about that”. She proceeded to handcuff my wrists
behind back and began stroking Mr dicklet. I was soon on the edge and she obviously sensed this for
as soon as Mr dicklett started to spurt its disgusting juice (as Ruby called it) she quickly stopped with
the result that my cum dribbled out ruining my orgasm, much to Ruby’s amusement. She then locked
away my poor little dicklet.”Remember, another week before you get to cum” she grinned.

That evening she gave me a piece of paper with a long list of chores. She told me she was going out
with a ‘real man’. Apparently she had been planning this for some time and had been on internet dating
sites looking for a suitable fuck buddy. I was wandering if she was serious or just teasing – would she
really go through with it? Part of me was excited at the thought.

She went out at around 7.00, dressed in a figure hugging dress looking very sexy. I told her to have
a good time and started on the chores. Throughout the evening I kept on wandering how her evening
was going. Was she with some young stud? Would they go back to a hotel? Or was she really just out
with her friends and just teasing me? I wasn’t sure anymore whether I really wanted her to have a fuck

I finished my chores at around 11.00 and watched TV whilst waiting Ruby’s return. I heard the car on
the driveway around midnight. I heard Ruby laughing and then heard a male voice! Now my heart was
beating faster.

The door opened and in walked Ruby with a tall, athletic dark haired man, aged around 25. She
introduced him as Dave. “I’ve told Dave all about you and he is cool with it. You’ll be a slave to both
of us tonight. Now turn the TV off and get us both a drink. I’ll have a white wine”. Dave asked for a
beer. I went to the kitchen and poured the drinks. When I got back they were both on the couch making
out. Interestingly little dicklet was straining against the CB6000 and I was very turned on watching
Ruby with another bloke. Next thing I knew Ruby had undone Dave’s fly and was clearly stroking his
cock. She brought it out and it must have been at least seven inches. “I see you weren’t joking Dave.
Salve, this is what a real cock looks like. I’m going to enjoy having this inside me. Now you stay here
whilst we go upstairs, We’ll call you if we need you”.

I sat in the lounge and could clearly hear they were having a good time upstairs. I was now really really
turned on and desperately wanted to cum, but off course this wasn’t possible. After about an hour I
heard footsteps on the stairs. Ruby came down, naked looking gorgeous. “Dave’s staying the night. He
has to leave by seven so please bring up breakfast at 6.30 – two white coffees, two orange juices and
four pieces of toast with scrambled eggs. You’re sleeping down here tonight.

“Be thankful he has no interest in being sucked off by you – that would have been amusing. However
you can enjoy I nice creampie in the morning and Dave does like the idea of making you his toilet
slave. Good night, sleep well”.

13 Nov

Rod’s Public Humiliation *story*

I decided to repost an old story below, from my previous blog, on the request of several slaves. NB: I do NOT take responsibility for editing and spell-checking slave submitted stories. Nevertheless, enjoy!

A Drink With Modern Empress by slave R

I picked up the external call “Hello Rod speaking” .

“Hi,it’s me” answered a female voice. “Hi” I replied – the sexy voice sounded like it was the Empress, but best to be careful just in case it was my wife. “ Ready for tonight?” I guess it was the Empress. “Yes I’m looking forward to it as always”.

“Good. Now I have some instructions for you. Before you leave the office I want you to put on the bra and panties I told you to bring. Meet me at the Pitcher and Piano at 6.00. Also when I arrive I want you sitting at a table drinking a daiquiri, reading a copy of playgirl in plain view. You got that?” “Yes Empress” I gulped. “So what magazine will you be reading?” “Playgirl“ I mumbled softly. “Sorry, I didn’t catch that”. I looked over nervously at my work colleague sitting next to me. She seemed to be engrossed in her work. “Playgirl” I mumbled slightly louder. The Empress laughed. “I guess that will have to do. Don’t be late”

At 5.00 I packed up and went to the loo. I got into the cubicle and got undressed as quietly as I could – even though I knew no one could see me I was still nervous. Once undressed I put on the purple panties and then the white bra. At least the bra was white I thought, though I hadn’t been able to find a bra that was big enough and so it was a little tight. Unfortunately I had chosen to put on a white shirt that day. Once my shirt and trousers were on I looked in the mirror. I could definitely see the bra underneath. However being winter I put on my jacket followed by my coat and there was no way anyone could see the bra underneath.

I made my way to Liverpool Street and looked for a newsagent in the station. I walked in nervously, and went to the magazine section. I pretended to be looking at a business magazine, but surreptitiously glanced up at the top shelf. There were various girly magazines, and right at the end was a copy of Playgirl with a broad naked chested hunk on the front cover. I had a quick glance round at all of the smartly dressed office workers and when I thought no one was looking I quickly grabbed the magazine and rolled it up before taking it to the counter. The server was a young Indian bloke. Just as I got to be served a middle aged woman got behind me in the queue. This was embarrassing. I quickly handed over the magazine. “That’ll be £8.99 please” he said with a smile. I went bright red as I paid. He took an age to put the magazine in a brown paper bag and I hurriedly put it into my bag keeping my head down. That was really embarrassing and I could feel the tightness of the bra which for some reason added to my embarrassment, though rationally I knew no one could know.

I went to the pub and ordered my daiquiri. Hopefully the barman thought I was ordering it for someone else. I was tempted to find a table in a corner, but I knew the Empress would not approve and no doubt inflict even worse humiliation. I therefore found a table reasonably in the open, but where I did not expect to many people to walk past. I took off my coat and sat down, ensuring my jacket fully covered my chest. I pulled the magazine out of the paper bag and flicked through the pages until I found a double page spread which had no incriminating pictures. This was not too bad.

Shortly afterwards the Empress walked in and sat down opposite me. We said hello and she had a quick look at the magazine. She then returned it to me, leaving it open in front of me on a double spread page of a completely naked well hung stud. I knew better than to close it and hoped not many people would walk past. It did not seem so bad with the Empress sitting at the table. She than asked me to open my jacket, which I did. She laughed when she clearly saw the bra underneath. “Right, now take your jacket off and get me kir Royale”. I immediately went bright red at this. This would be totally humiliating and embarrassing. The strange thing was although the thought was totally embarrassing it also gave me a huge erection at the same time.

“I’m waiting” she said. “You’re getting off lightly. I could make you do far worse things. You don’t want to disobey me”. I knew not to argue and stood up. Luckily there was no one at the bar and I quickly took my jacket off and strode to the bar, hoping no one would notice either my bra or my erection. “Yes please?” asked the bar man. I nervously asked for a Kir Royale. I could see a smirk on his face as he looked at my chest. This was REALLY embarrassing and humiliating. After paying him I hurried back to the table, walking past a group of young girls on the way. I am sure they were staring at me as they started giggling.