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30 Dec

2013 – Year Of The Kink

After a break away from London to celebrate Christmas with loved ones, I’m returning to sessions on 2nd January 2013.

A huge “Thank You” goes out to the sweet and generous slaves who purchased me very thoughtful Christmas gifts this year. They ranged from deliciously indulgent cosmetics, perfumes, jewellery and shoes to fine lingerie and champagnes. I thoroughly enjoyed opening up the wrapped gifts on Christmas Day and have been making great use of the items. You boys definitely know how to get into my good books! There’ll be lots of surprises for you in the coming year!

My birthday falls in the middle of January, so if you would like to treat me to a little something, you can have a look at my giftlist for purchasing directly or simply getting ideas, details of which can be found on my Tribute page.

I adore treatments at the St Pancras Spa or any of the Bliss Spas in London, so if you don’t see anything you like on my list you can rest assured that such presents are ALWAYS highly appreciated.

Finally, I’d like to thank all my slaves for a fantastically fun and exciting 2012. I’ve been treated to a lot of foreign travel, beautiful gifts throughout the year, delicious dinners, cheeky cocktails, laughs, horizon-broadening experiences and, of course, the sexiest of all: session shenanigans. They’ve been thrilling, entertaining, and extremely satisfying. Looking forward to even more naughtiness in 2013!


20 Dec

Fancy A Blowjob From A Forced Bi Slave Today?

Today from 4-6pm one of my forced bi slaves will be pleasuring guests at my playroom in Kings Cross. He is an expert sucker.

Protection and masks provided. No tribute required. Discretion assured. Contact me by email to attend: modernempress@gmail.com

14 Dec

Forced Fem Double Session

Last night a particularly cheeky slave was invited to join a vanilla friend and I for a glass of wine. Within ten minutes we had him pinned to the floor, forcibly undressed, then redressed in a tight mini dress and sheer stockings with his wrists and ankles in a hogtie and his mouth gagged with a worn pair of undies.

Using his face and cock/balls as footrests, we humiliated, teased and ridiculed the sissy bitch then instructed him to worship our nylon covered feet. Luckiy for him, he followed all of our instructions over the course of the evening, to such an extent that he was permitted a very sticky and explosive release as my vanilla friend sat on his face (clothed…don’t get too excited, boys!)

13 Dec

Forced Bi Gang Bang – FREE

On 20th December my chief sucker and fuck-recipient, slave A, will be available to take your cocks in his mouth, hands and backside. I shall be directing the fuckfest for my entertainment (and his training).

Condoms and masks provided, limits respected and no tribute required in order to attend.

For details, please email me directly: modernempress@gmail.com

13 Dec

Vanilla Girl’s Used Trainers

I am currently taking bids for these stinky, well-worn, vanilla girl trainers donated by one of my assistants.

Get in quick – bidding closes on Friday 21st December.

08 Dec

Entertaining Text Of The Week

Unfortunately I don’t offer a prize for these things!

Received this afternoon from a known timewaster (yes, I do keep a record of them).

Hi I’m Olly ******, you have my car at your garage, its a black peugeot 206, reg number MX*****. I have two suitcases in the boot and a sat nav in the car which I need to get before anything happens to it. Could you please get in touch so we can make arrangements in order for me to do that please, much appreciated Olly.

As I am a mischievous lady, I was tempted to text back telling him that we’d already misplaced the sat nav and the suitcases had been collected by a gentlemen wearing a bomber jacket and sovereign rings. However, in the hope of restoring a karmic balance, I decided not to respond to Olly and inform him of his mistake. He called me 8 times today, obviously most keen to retrieve his suitcases and sat nav. Which must have been a total waste of time for him.

Olly, if you’re reading this, I’m afraid it’s bad news. I sent your banger to the scrapheap long ago.

07 Dec

Cuckolding & SPH

Desperate for permission to masturbate, last night my tiny-willy-micro-member young slave was willing to do anything in order to amuse me. Last time he asked for permission to wank, he was instructed to get himself into a webcam site and entertain the other users with his cuckold fantasies. This time, I decided I’d like to see some comparison pics of his shrimpy non-tool compared with a big, handsome, strapping cock. You can see (and laugh at) the result below!

06 Dec

You Know You’re Doing Something Right…

…When a nutjob decides to try and take you down a peg or two. Over the three years I’ve been a pro-Domme, I’ve probably encountered three such balmpots. Each one has some kind of aversion to being given the answer “No”, or told that I don’t / won’t accommodate their needs. And rather than respect my personal choice or have a sense of humour about my earlier blog post entitled ‘Wishful Thinking’, this latest self-adoring enquirer decided to go on the war path.

Before I let you have a hearty chuckle at his latest missive, I wanted to add a few nuggets of my own advice for subs to pass on to their Mistresses (or directly for the Mistresses, if I am lucky enough to have their attention too). All Dommes will hear from these lunatics and most just ignore them, however if You or your Mistress is particularly upset by a message she can do something about it.

Firstly, any message that YOU deem offensive, threatening or abusive can be forwarded to the police. Don’t think they’ll follow it up? Well, if you have the right contacts they most certainly will…doggedly. I’m fortunate to fall into that camp. Sending any message that is defined by the recipient as offensive or threatening is a crime. So the sender can be prosecuted, even if they claim to think it was a joke. Don’t think you can trace their IP address? The good news is that you most definitely can. If they hit your site to get your contact details (therefore you have an exact IP or several to choose from in their area), and you have a general IP trace simply using a home-installed program on your laptop, you can whittle it right down. Or, going back to the first point, the police can trace their IP no matter what the nutjob in question has done in an effort to disguise it. Are they from another country? If so and you have reported their activity to the police, they may face difficulty when re-entering the UK at Passport Control. So, all in all, it is most definitely worth making a fuss.

If nothing else, what I’ve written above should serve as a subtle warning to the author of the below email. He’s obviously so surprised that I refused to meet for a public footjob in Claridges that he threw caution to the wind!

Now for the funny bit…

Hi Missy,
I noticed you twitted that I am a slave and brought this into the public.
First of all I am not a slave and in my life I have had many more beautiful girls than you and did what ever I wanted to them for my pleasure, because I can afford it and you are not even a beautiful hooker too.
I just loved to take you out and put you in your place, because of your megalomania caused by these sick people demanding your services.
I am not sick like your clients and when I pay I am the boss .
Since you are charging money for your services you are the slave of my money.
I will now have to humiliate your public image now or start begging .
Your Master

Sent from my iPad

05 Dec

Pony Riding in Central London?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s perfectly possible for a Mistress to go for a hack on her own personal pony in the urban environs of Kings Cross…in fact, the pony is so strong (despite his feeble build) that he could accomodate one of his Mistress’ friends as well. Well done, pony, we were highly impressed! And for the mere spectators amongst you, clicking on the thumbnail will reveal the full sized image.

04 Dec

Cheeky Email Of The Week

Wishful thinking!

Hi Miss,
I would like to have an outcall session in a restaurant with you.
The scenario is I invite you to a very fancy restaurant, and you have to wear nice pair of high heels and black stockings
and suspenders and I like you to give me a foot job while we are having our dinner.
I am happy to pay for your time and the dinner.
If you can accommodate that please let me know the tribute I have to make.
Many Thanks,