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30 Jan

Dublin Trip 8th-10th February

I’m very much looking forward to seeing some of my favourite slaves in Dublin next weekend. I’ll also be in the company of a fantastic male dom friend of mine one on of the evenings I’m there, so if you’re interested in forced bi or serving a male dom then get in touch asap.

Whilst I’m in Dublin I’ll be holding sessions including bondage, forced fem, CP, humiliation, shoe and foot worship, trampling and much more. Plus one of the winners of my Lookalike Contest will be receiving a superbly well-worn pair of high heels to take home with him!

London Mistress Modern Empress in Stockings

29 Jan

Leather Gloves

As the ambient temperature improves, I really ought to wear these more often before summer sets in and they’re confined to the playroom. Today I found myself smiling over this photo. Taken recently, it reminds me of an extremely explosive session involving a slave’s cock and balls being thoroughly teased, tortured and left twitching in desperation. Just what a Mistress needs to let off some steam.

London Mistress Tie and Tease in Leather Gloves

27 Jan

Tanned Tootsies

London Mistress Decamps To Egypt

After a wonderful week away I’m now back in London and offering sessions for new as well as regular slaves.

Who fancies worshipping these freshly pedicured, pampered and tanned feet? 🙂

17 Jan

Egypt – Sinai – 18th to 25th January

I’ll be in Egypt for a week from Friday 18th January, with very limited availability for sessions with foot fetishists only. I will not be taking any equipment with me, so if your session requires anything but the most basic accessories I will not be able to see you. If you wish to book in with me, email me using my contact form. My phone will not be on for most of the trip.

Looking forward to seeing my London-based slaves on my return! x

15 Jan

Small Penis Humiliation & Cuckolding

One of my young slaves visited me last night for two hours of intense humiliation. I have been moulding him for a while now, through a combination of sessions and distance training, and knew that it was time to push him somewhat.

When he arrived he was confronted with not only a vanilla friend of mine, there to watch him perform for our amusement and laugh at his confessions, but also three full condoms from one of my bulls.

After he’d been forced to tell my friend all about his pathetic cuckold desires and fantasies he was decorated with the condoms – draped over his head, body and some of their contents dribbled over his face.

You can see below him being forced to wear one of the huge second-hand johnnies. When I tipped the end of it so that all the goo ran down onto the end of his cock he became so aroused that he filled it up with a second load of his own within a matter of seconds! His training continues…only now, after that performance, he’s in chastity until further notice.

Mistress Cuckolds Young Slave In London

11 Jan

Shoe Worship

Retifism: An overwhelming sexual desire involving shoes or boots.

Having recently read Krafft-Ebbing’s Psychopathia Sexualis, which was published in 1886, it seems probable that such fetishes have been around since the day shoes were invented. There are many cases of shoe fetishism described in the book along with fetishes for hankerchiefs, ladies’ nightcaps, petticoats, bustles, riding equipment, and any other accoutrements of the day.

But I’ve always wondered why shoe worship is so popular in my slaves. It is something that at least 70% of my subs request, unlike the other kinks which seem to be less common between individuals. Is it because they simply ‘do it’ for most men, or that shoes are such an everyday sight that since childhood they’ve associated them with pretty feet, sexually alluring girls and power? Maybe it’s that in some cases it’s an ‘easy’ way into worshipping a Mistress, less intimidating than some of the other demands she could make of you? Perhaps it’s the fact that they’ve been on those prized, highly-fetishised, feet of hers.

Whatever it is, it would appear that retifism in its mild form is one of the most common fetishes in existence. However, sometimes things go awry….as these slaves below found out when faced with me and my vanilla friend.

London Mistresses Arsefuck Slaves With High Heels

10 Jan


Young men today, all they eat is crap. My crap, that is.

London Mistress Administers Hardsports

09 Jan


A slave of mine sent me this fantastic passage by email a few days ago. He found it via another Mistress’ blog, however she found it elsewhere and I couldn’t identify the original source. So, firstly, thanks to whomever wrote this and, secondly, I hope slaves will take the time to read it carefully.

She took him to dinner and ordered for him.

“What if I had dietary restrictions? ” he asked.

“Then you would have said, ‘I’m sorry, Ma’am, but I’m allergic to radishes’” She responded.

“Why would I be sorry?” he asked.

“Because you neglected to tell me that important part of your life, taking away from Me the opportunity to do the right thing by you. A Dominant can’t be depended on to make the right decisions without all the information on hand. That’s why the submissive has to be honest and tell the Dominant everything.”

A good Dominant will not assume that She knows what the submissive wants or needs. It takes time to discover these things and She should take the time to help the submissive probe his own fantasies and inner thoughts. The next step is helping him to learn Her wants and needs. Only after both these things occur can a fulfilling D/s relationship exist.

08 Jan


I had a fantastic session yesterday with a new Egyptian slave.

I treated the little loser with utter disrspect, pushing him around, covering his face and body with my spit, reminding him what a micro-dicked and inferior specimen he is, slapping his face and man tits, drawing all over him in marker pen, pulling his hair and making him lick my shoes and feet clean. Once I was done with him I pissed all over his face and body and laughed as I instructed him to tug on his 1 inch stub – didn’t take him long before he was oozing a pool of loser-juice all over his hairy belly! Haha, made my day. What a fool.

One thing he asked me was whether it was detrimental to his health to ingest my urine. In my case, the answer is no…I’m perfectly healthy and have never (touch wood) suffered from cystitis or any other infections of that area. However, if you are unsure as to the risks that watersports poses you can reassure yourself by reading up on the topic. Common medical opinion is that urine is harmless so long as it doesn’t come from an infected source – therefore choose your Domme wisely! Also it shouldn’t cause any stomach upset so long as you don’t consume it in mass quantities – by that they mean litres of the stuff.

So, piss-lovers, you can revel in my golden nectar in the knowledge that you won’t be hospitalised any time soon.

London Mistress Watersports Advice

07 Jan


Many of my slaves are keen (fantasy) cuckolds…a few have had the pleasure of experiencing the reality.

One in particular is actively seeking a cuckolding girlfriend, although this is more easily said than done. He sent me the following links this weekend, shared here for fellow cuckolding fans (male and female):


The blog mentioned above also features some great ruined orgasm, chastity and cuckolding stories that will certainly tickle the fancy of any inferior, small-cocked cucks reading.