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28 Feb

Cuckolding Sessions

From time to time I offer cuckolding sessions and they range from mild (indirect) to full-on (live).

Mistress’ cuckolding sessions usually take place in London but can be arranged in other cities that I visit on occasion.

Cuckolding sessions can include:
– Slave being humiliated about his tiny cock and how my over’s appendage is so much bigger
– Slave being shown images of my lover’s big cock
– Slave being forced to handle used condoms from my bull
– Slave being forced to listen to voicemail recordings on his phone of my bull and I having sex
– Slave being present watching us live

Please note that my bull does not offer forced bi activities and I do not permit pussy worship.

Here’s one of my young cucks below – click for full size picture.

London Mistress Humiliates Cuckold

24 Feb

Riding Outfit

As all London Mistresses know, managing one’s wardrobe is vital in order to get the best out of sessions.

Alongside my collection of mini dresses, including floaty and sheer summer dresses as well as figure hugging vampy numbers, I keep a variety of corsets, stockings and suspenders, smart jackets, leggings, tight jeans, formal shirts, knitwear, white doctors’ coats and even a burka. Today, however, I am looking at my dressage outfit in readiness for a session on Tuesday.

The photo below was taken for slave C. Click on the preview for a full-size version.

London Mistress Horseriding Dressage Outfit

23 Feb


What is it about cleavage that drives men wild? I’ve lost count of the number of slaves that are rendered weak and defenseless by the sight of a pair of entirely natural 36DDs pushed together in a low cut dress. Some of my slaves complain that I simply don’t show them off enough, so here’s a little something for you tit fans 🙂

London Mistresses' Cleavage On Show

18 Feb

Email From A Slave

This put a big smile on my face! Thank you to slave I 🙂

Thank you again for one of the best sessions we have ever done, and that is against a very high bar. I can look
back on our time and know I was used and humiliated in ways that would appal a vanilla man, but I feel proud
of my achievements for you, showing I can embrace the true male submissive that is part of my make up.

It is wonderful to know we can take real events such as your cold and use them to fashion our alternate reality,
which although alternate is as equally real. I came into the session believing there would be a mix of domestic
and bdsm tasks but could not have expected we would cover both areas so fully.

The outside tasks came as a shock, I thought the nasty things you hinted at would be in the bathroom, but as
with other public play I trust your judgment and gained pride in doing my duty, complete with respectful knocks
on the patio door. Can’t help feeling this is a taster of things to come, anything from applying your sun-cream in
the garden to a bbq with the girls…

Unhurried foot pampering was a treat and I thought this would cover the bubble bath idea. It took real restraint
on my part not to give your feet unauthorised kisses. I use your sighs and murmurs as a guide to my progress,
and although you could, am sure you don’t fake them. I think it relaxed my mind as much as your muscles and
it was totally right and fun that when your phone miss-behaved you took it out on me! And then came footstool,
which we did in our first session. Water sports and my m*sterbating in front of you have been more intimate
tasks, but that was the most intense thing we have ever done and made me feel fully owned and controlled. To
start with I felt you were trying to show that something pleasing could be made into something uncomfortable,
as per the OTK scene in my last story, and I was equally determined to ride it out and enjoy your control. So
I savoured the interaction with your feet and upshot views of legs and thigh. Then when you kicked my head
to one side and put the other foot to my throat something happened I can’t quite describe. The BDSM, the hint
of breath play, the knowledge that I had pleased you enough to live out a version of the fantasy you had asked
me to write. Most of all I felt owned, more than I ever have before and knew even if I wanted to, I could not
physically get out of it.

14 Feb

Dublin & Oslo Travel Dates 2013

I will be in Dublin again from 19th-21st April (Friday to Sunday).

Session tribute is EUR230 for the first hour, contact me to discuss the tribute for longer sessions. I’ll be staying in a five star hotel in the City center and currently have the following spots free:

Friday 19th: around 2pm-5.30pm
Saturday 20th: 9.30am-11am, 4pm-7pm
Sunday 21st: 10am-12 noon BOOKED UP

I will also be visiting Oslo for the first time from 24th-26th May
(Friday to Sunday).

Session tribute is NOK1720 for the first hour, contact me to discuss the tribute for longer sessions. I’ll be staying in a four star hotel in the City center and I currently have the following session times free:

Friday 24th: 2.30pm-7pm
Saturday 25th: 10am-7pm

To secure sessions with me outside the UK I require a small deposit to be paid in advance via Amazon gift card so that I can effectively manage my diary.

If you would like to session with me in either Dublin or Oslo get in touch asap to ensure my availability.

11 Feb

Sissy Story by slave G

Sweet Sissy Dreams

I imagine, standing in a beautifully arranged room, prettily decorated in pinks and white, with soft
hued lighting. I have just showered, and am standing, naked but for a soft satin pink dressing gown
that covers my modesty and some fluffy satin pink mules on my feet.

The two ladies, both in their twenties and breathtakingly lovely, guide me to the dressing table,
where the gown is removed. My hairless body exposed, one of them picks up a small box. Opening
it, she removes a chrome chastity device, that is slowly and teasingly slipped onto me. First as my
balls sit through the ring, then as the connecting hood slides over my limp shaft, and meets the ring.
Her manicured nails the object of my fascination as she takes a small combination padlock, orders
me to look away and I hear the five numbers clicking and turning as my penis is locked up.

The girls smile, exchange knowing glances as this isn’t the first time they’ve done this, nor will it be
the last. How else could a sissy be but chaste? A small satin bag covers my newly locked cock, the
pink cord is pulled and knotted and the little bag contains my now useless cock, fit only for toilet use.

I sit down at the dressing table and the second lady begins applying make-up to my face. Concealer,
foundation, powder, blusher, pink lipstick, false eyelashes, mascara liberally applied. A blonde wig,
with loose curls, is put on me, then brushed and shaped to suit my face. The naked girl staring out
from the mirror has me begin to leave the male side well behind.

Next, I am fitted into some underwear; a pink bra, with matching suspender belt and panties,
shapewear is added to pull my middle in. White stockings sheath my legs. The tug on the suspender
belt a reminder of the very feminine clothing I am wearing. Breastforms are added, good quality,
of the kind given to ladies who’ve had a mastectomy and my bra is tightened to hold them nicely
in place. I’m a 40E all off a sudden. A very flouncy petticoat is added, it’s a short one and sits up
around my waist. In soft pink, I know that I’m going to look like a powder-puff of frills and satin. A
sissy princess.

The girls look and check me over, smile, and flick my hair. A 50s style pink polka dot dress is brought
out for me to put on. It’s pulled over me, and down, over my now more girly figure and sits high up
on me, my breasts pushing the soft fabric out, the peter pan collar, puffed sleeves and lace edged
trim accentuating the highly effeminate style of the dress.

The petticoat pushes the hem of the dress up, the frills and lace are a delight to wear, my stockinged
legs feel light and the stockings cling tightly to my legs. The final touches are added; pink lace top
ankle socks, pale pink heels, a soft angora cream cardigan, necklace, pearl-drop earrings…the image
is complete.

I look in the mirror at the person standing there. There’s a thrill mixed up with incomprehension.
It’s me, but not me, it’s someone else who’s been reaching out for years, decades and for whom will
only ever really exist, in my mind’s eye anyway, trapped out of body, in a mirror.

The eroticism of the moment isn’t lost. These are clothes that I find sexy on a woman, so it falls that
they feel nice on me. I stir in my cage, but the chrome blocks any possibility of arousal – rightly so.

The moment is heightened by the two women there who are watching me, pulling things into line,
keeping my shape. Stroking my legs and cooing over me.

Later, I was allowed to walk around the house, go into the garden. I was encouraged to adopt a
more feminine style of walking, swaying my hips a little, my hands at right angles to my hips. I could
feel my breasts move and sway as I walked. The sensation was incredible. Every part of me felt
the difference in the clothing and makeup I wore; it touched through to my core and was deeply
fetishistic. I didn’t just like looking like this, I needed to look like this.

My sissy mannerisms became much more pronounced, my walking a little more exaggerated, I
carried a tiny pink handbag in my right hand. Too small for me to put my hand through, I carried it
between my thumb, forefinger and middle finger, high up so my my hand hung limply with this bag

at just below my shoulder height. The girls loved this and laughed heartily at my expense. My face
was red with embarrassment and mixed in with a heightening arousal. The humiliation at being
dressed like this (but not real humiliation, it was very much a wanted humiliation – to be seen in this
clothing, to be seen as I am), somewhere between being a man and a woman.

The sensations of the clothing however are deeply sexual and highly erotic. Materials rub against
the skin, soft, light brushes of temptation. The look is one thing, the sissy style another, but the
need to rub overrides it all. Unfortunately, my cage prevented any manner of self-pleasure and
rightly so. I didn’t need to orgasm, but at other times, this would be a problem and I’d have to learn
to like it!

Overall, dressed up to the nines, as I want to be, and very much the sissy. I stepped forward,
feeling the skirt swish and swirl, my sissy status was here to stay. Not the type of thing I would
publicly admit to, but sometimes we owe it to ourselves to recognise latent needs that deserve to
be brought out, not necessarily in the open, but if only to ourselves and to accept ourselves, sissy or
otherwise, as we are, happy in our own skin.

I am called to attend the kitchen and assist in preparing the evening meal; I step lightly, happy and
comfortable in my new role, from the amber glow of the sunset into the basking warmth of the

11 Feb

Back In London

And looking forward to lots of naughty sessions this week including some of my favourite foot and leg fetishists, humiliation pigs, forced bi sluts and CP painsluts.

Thank you to the charmingly sweet, courteous and obedient boys that made my stay in Dublin this weekend so pleasurable. The gifts were especially thoughtful.

Dates for my next Dublin visit will be announced soon – watch this space!

05 Feb

Sissies, Sluts & TV’s

London Mistresses Whore Sissy Slut

I’ve been having lots of fun recently manipulating my sissies, forced fem sluts and cross dressers.

They’ve been up to all sorts of high jinx including: public outings, sucking cock, acting as a waitress / maidservant for me and a friend, cleaning, performing on webcam for audiences.

Now all that remains is for me to pimp one of them out to paying clients who’ll fuck their mouths senseless. Any volunteers? Hehe

04 Feb

Private BDSM Tutorials For Couples

Lately I have been receiving lots of enquiries from couples regarding private tuition and experimentation with BDSM. I’ve met with four of them so far and have been really pleased to give them insight into all aspects of BDSM activities, techniques, safety concerns, choosing the right equipment and useful tricks for getting the best out of your playtime.

If you or your partner would like to organise a private lesson, you can email me via modernempress@gmail.com. Lessons are 1-3 hours and my usual tribute applies.

NB: Lessons are open to both male and female submissives as well as switches.

Marital Spanking

02 Feb

Figging Two Ways *PICS*

One my slaves, P, sent me a very interesting link about figging. You can see a wikipedia entry on the practice here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Figging

I hadn’t tried figging before, and was keen to give it a go since any Mistress worth her salt should try new things at least once…plus it sounded incredibly fun in an evil way. So, on the same day I decided to experiment with two slaves; one receiving their figging anally and one receiving urethrally.

Watching them wince as the heat permeated their sensitive membranes was a priceless pleasure for both me and the vanilla girl that was observing their sessions!

London Mistress Figging ExperimentLondon Mistress Figs Slave