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28 Aug

NEW Sub Girl For London Sessions

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering sessions alongside one of London’s most talented submissives. As I already session with some of the finest London Mistresses and a male Master, our latest addition to the “team” completes the stable perfectly.

Tall, slim, pretty, sweet natured and awfully accomodating, my new sub girl follows all instructions to the letter and is happy to debase herself for others’ enjoyment. She gratefully receives watersports from her Mistress – quite the sight to behold!

Double sessions are £360/hr. To book, email modernempress@gmail.com

London Mistresses And Their Sub Girls

25 Aug

Sonnet For A London Mistress

Sent to me by slave P.

Unheard, the traffic flows by sacred door;
Behind my mistress waits in this her realm.
Soon stripped of clothes and self upon her floor,
A cabin boy and mistress at the helm.
She steers to lands unknown to me, her toy
Her room a boundless sea of fear and pain.
But havens there for those seek the joy
Of trusting her to see them cross the main;
And I a seeker once was lost have found
A seer who as she takes me by the hand
And laughs as heart and limbs and mind are bound,
Am proud that I, in word at least, mongst men, can stand
And claim for all of London town to hear
“I am her slave, I have no need to fear”.

22 Aug

Visiting New York in November

I’m pleased to confirm that your favourite well-spoken, British Mistress will be visiting New York shortly before Thanksgiving this year, arriving some time around 13-15th November and staying for a week. New York is one of my favourite cities in the World, and I’m already excited about this upcoming opportunity to explore it further.

Last time I spent a few days in the city I met some fantastically entertaining and friendly slaves, so I’m looking forward to much more of the same on this occasion. If you’re a shopping slave or financial servitude piggy, you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ll be offering one or two opportunities for shopping / dining dates during my trip.

I’ll be travelling with a friend who is also a beautiful, young, educated, naturally dominant lady so there is the potential for double Dommme sessions whilst I’m there. We are a rare pairing not to be missed by any Anglophilic subbies 🙂

To enquire about my availability, contact me ASAP via email: modernempress@gmail.com

London Mistresses Visit New York

I do tend to get booked up quite far in advance so to deter timewasters I will ask new slaves for a small deposit to secure a session whilst travelling. This can be paid securely and anonymously via an Amazon.co.uk gift card.