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27 Jan

Why I Love Keeping A Slave In Chastity

London Mistress Keeps Slave In Chastity

  • Because sights like this greet Mistress when she asks him to remove his trousers.
  • Because he won’t be wasting his precious time wanking over internet porn when he ought to be thinking of how to serve his favourite London Mistress.
  • Because he becomes a more serene, attractive person to women.
  • Because every time he feels his cock straining against the cage he remembers how willingly he gave up control of his manhood.
  • Because it simply makes ME happy 🙂
27 Jan

Back in London!

After an extended trip to the Middle East, I am now back in London throughout the end of Jan, the whole of Feb and most of March. I am holding sessions at my playroom in Central London and also occaisionally in South London near Beckenham and Croydon.

I will be returning to Dubai in March 2014. Sessions will be 2000AED/hr, to book email modernempress@gmail.com ASAP or use my Contact Page. I always give preference to sessions booked with a deposit paid in advance in order to verify your intention to attend.