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i do this because i love to see men at their weakest,
not for the money

A real girl with a fabulously bossy streak

Statistics: 5ft 8 without heels, 32in leg, UK size 12 dress, 38-28-38, UK size 6.5/7 shoe, Eurasian background, Mediterranean looks.

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I’m not a dominatrix for financial reasons, I do this because I LOVE to see men at their weakest. In fact, I have an existing career and have done this for the last 9 years for no reason other than enjoyment, which is why I never show my face in my pictures (and no, financial offers will not entice me to send you unblurred versions of my images!) If you meet me, you’ll find that I am bright, engaging, independent and discreet – that’s why fetishists and submissives come back time and time again, because the experience is exciting in both the psychological and physical sense whilst being, above all, safe.

I offer a unique humiliation and domination experience, free of tacky cliches.

What I offer is a genuine and personal experience, minus the cringeworthy elements associated with some areas of the ‘scene’. Whilst roleplay is an essential part of many humiliation / femdom fantasies, a gritty dose of reality really makes it come true for both of us. Not just in terms of look, but in the way that a mistress speaks, carries herself and the vocabulary that she uses with you. Knowing that it’s not an act gives my playmates an intense, stimulating and unforgettable time with me. I combine a knowledge of various styles of domination with my own unusual and fun games and I encourage thorough discussion of your needs and desires before we meet. As a seasoned foot model I adore foot worship, so if you’re a foot fetishist you will very much enjoy a session with me. Find out about the other activities I enjoy on the Activities page. NB: I do NOT offer sex.


I play in Dubai & London; in each case from private, well-appointed locations.

I offer live webcam, whatsapp, kik and phone sessions starting from $90 (pay securely and anonymously online using your credit card); to enquire contact me here.

NB: I have been practicing as a Pro-Domme for almost a decade. In that time, many ladies have plagiarised my content such as stories, copy and images. When selecting a Mistress, please be careful and contact me should you see another Domme using my material. Thank you.