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6 Girls, 1 Slave

This post from slave S, who gallantly took a good trampling, crushing, and abusing from 6 ladies this weekend…

I had a session with ME and five of her vanilla friends today and it was the best session I have ever had.

I have never had a session featuring five vanilla girls before and I was a bit nervous when I walked into the room and it dawned on me that I was going to be at the mercy of six women for an entire hour. I was seeing three of the girls for the first time, so we were all introduced to each other and then the torture began:

I have always had a fetish for being ridden like a horse, so the girls started with a pony ride, which consisted of three of them sitting astride my back and forcing me to carry them around! I have never carried more than two ladies at once, so it wasn’t easy. One of them was heavily pregnant, so it was more like three and a half women! I did not move as fast as the ladies wanted, so they used a riding crop to motivate me. I collapsed several times, but was forced to get up and carry on each time.

Next, ME produced some used underwear and socks. They were forced into my mouth as a gag, and I was also told that I was going to clean them. In fact, ME told me that I was going to be a human washing machine! Then my face was used as a foot rest. Two of the girls sat on top of me, just to stop me getting too comfortable, and the girls took turns resting their bare feet on my face and making me smell them. After a while, the weight of the two girls on my stomach and chest was very uncomfortable, and breathing fresh air was just a memory!

The girls now decided to play an evil game. They quarter filled a glass with water, and then they all took turns spitting into it and making me watch. By the time they had finished ten minutes later, there was a lot of saliva and phlegm in the glass. How did they get rid of it? They made me drink it! I was made hold the glass up to the light, turn it around, examine the contents, and then drink it slowly. They found this hilarious and disgusting . . . and impressive! Of course, I didn’t drink all the saliva produced during the game, as ME had also spat onto my face.

After this game, the girls decided that they needed a rest. They sat down for a few minutes and put their feet up . . . on me! I was used as a foot rest by all six ladies at once. I have been used as a foot rest before, and it was never very uncomfortable, but when twelve feet are being rested on you, the weight is considerable! I had pins and needles in my arms after about a minute, and the rest lasted for a lot longer than a minute!

The most painful part of the session now began. ME sat on my face and covered my eyes with a used sock. The girls then took turns doing butt drops on my chest and stomach. I could not see when a girl was going to drop, so had to guess when to tense my stomach muscles. I guessed wrong several times, and twice a girl dropped on my chest when I was expecting her to land on my stomach. This game was responsible for the aches and pains I am currently suffering!

ME needed to use the bathroom at this point. The bathroom was too far away, so she just used me! It felt like she produced several litres of urine, and it went all over me, including my face and hair.

After I had showered, I was made lie down on the hard wooden floor and all six girls sat on me at once. There were so many of them, and I am so short, that one of them had to sit on another’s shoulders. The pain was just about bearable until they all started jumping up and down. This didn’t last very long, but my relief was short-lived, because they made me lie down on the sofa and all six of them sat on me again, with ME sitting on my face.

The session was now at an end. I had survived an hour long ordeal at the hands of ME and five of her vanilla friends. I have never been dominated by six women before. Although I was in pain, I was also proud of myself. I had exceeded what I thought were my limits, and lived to tell the tale. Next time – seven women!