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A Little Mistress Sourcing Advice From A Slave

One of my slaves has written a short post on how to approach finding a suitable Mistress for your needs. This article may be helpful to anyone new to the scene. Thank you to slave G ūüôā

When searching for a Mistress decide what you are looking for. This may be¬†a particular fetish,¬†service or¬†the personal style of the Mistress. ¬†Be sure to know your slave-self; the costs in life that you are willing to pay in order to offer¬†service may be an individual¬†session fee,¬†you may seek a Lady¬†wishing¬†to have a personal expense¬†covered on a regular basis or you may grow to offer¬†longer-term servitude. By knowing what you want the slave may seek a Mistress that could be interested in the slave’s potential to serve.


Use an established site with a broad selection of providers, catering for a wide variety of interests, such as:






and put the time in to seek a Mistress that both interests and inspires you. Take care to read the information provided by each Mistress. It is published for good reasons, to assist the Mistress and the slave, it is disrespectful to ignore any communication provided by a Mistress.


Only once the slave understands what the Mistress is looking for in a slave should you take the decision to approach the Mistress in a polite, reasonable manner. If you believe that you measure up to requirements then ask for permission to meet at a time¬†convenient to the Mistress. Her¬†future and yours await…