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A London Day Out For Sissy – *PICS*

Recently, one of my slaves irritated me. How did he manage this? Well, whilst I’m generally really rather affable when it comes to my bitch boys, occaisionally I lose my rag if they become too high maintenance. 5 emails in one day? Not cool.

So, being a public humiliation freak, sissy, forced fem pervert, forced bi freak and general dog at my feet, I felt he’d be the perfect subject for a little fun time in public. I’m a cruel Mistress, with a wicked sense of humour, and this posed the perfect opportunity to indulge it in my home city: London.

In order to restore his status as one of my favoured pets, slave M was required to dress up in the most ridiculous and unsightly outfit we could muster (peach M&S sundress, royal blue opaque tights, brown librarian lace up shoes and a gingery brown wig).

We then invited a friend of mine to join us for a short walk to some of the restaurants and bars in St Pancras station and lunch.

Aside from the sideways glances, overt stares and sneers from passing guys and girls, this sissy also received a huge number of laughs and, finally, an approach from an eager prospective punter looking for “trade” with the line: “Come on bitch?” A merry skip around St Pancras for the entertainment of passing young females can be seen on my Instagram account: @LondonMistress