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A Slave’s Account – Dubliner Visits London Mistress For Unusual Torture

From slave K:

The reason I nervously knocked on a domme’s door in a Dublin hotel in August 2012 is different to why I eagerly boarded a plane to visit Modern Empress at her London playroom around Easter 2014. This was our seventh session together and so far we have been alternating between scripted roleplays and spontaneous cruelty.

Last week it was the former, and even within the confines of the carefully crafted, Mistress is imaginative and unpredictable. I’m in my late twenties and I had never shaved or waxed before. So, our first theme was about body image, more specifically a fear of being laughed at by young women on an upcoming sunny holiday.

When Mistress says she does this because she loves to see men at their weakest, she means it. Why else, after all, would the prospect of ripping a man’s hairs out – hardly synonymous with the ‘scene’ – be so exciting? Out came the wax strips, and while it wasn’t as painful as I thought it might be, I still screeched and whimpered like a bitch.

London Mistress Abuses Dublin Slave

Mistress congratulated herself for the excellent job she had done on my back, which no one would dare argue with, before brutally removing a sole patch of hair from my chest, legs and nether regions so that it looked like I had started grooming only to give up half way through à la Steve Carell in the 40-Year-Old Virgin. She was greatly amused by this.

Mind you, Steve was not naked with his hands tied behind his back and he could leave whenever he wanted. He got off lightly. I remained in those leather restraints for the next part. The way Mistress removed my geeky glasses was as intimate as the two dozen hard slaps to my face that followed were devastating. You have not lived until you have suffered at the hands of the Empress.

Such variety! Right, left, inside, outside, my head used as clash cymbals and my cheeks left thoroughly stinging. The shame I am filled with afterwards is simply unmatched. I say shame because Mistress knows all my secrets, and her eyes are shooting daggers while she is hitting me. The last theme was a game of chance.

I’d read through the ‘activities’ page on her website and picked out three things that we had never engaged in before. Things that I genuinely didn’t ever want to do. This demonstrates exactly what I feel has changed; rather than writing for a domme, I am writing to entertain my Mistress, with whom I have built a relationship over the past year and a half.

Depending on the cards I was dealt, I could be enjoying a glass of the finest vintage Empress (hashtag watersports), spending the equivalent of a week’s income on her wishlist, getting stiletto fucked as punishment for years of shoe thievery, or, giving her the option to select any or all of the above.

Diamonds are forever, and they come with champagne
Turn over a club, I’m a findom sub
Hearts are broken, but anything can be heeled
Pick up a spade, there’s a choice to be made

As luck would have it a certain black suit came out of the deck which meant Mistress was in complete control once again. After mulling over my fate for a moment she made me drink up (I couldn’t quite down it in one) and left instructions for some Amazon shopping later that night. I can’t help feeling this will come back to bite me on the arse. Literally.

Mistress then invited me to lie under her beautiful feet, where I am at my happiest, and gave permission to kiss and worship her shoes. I noticed a wry smile when she showed off

her pointy court shoes as she knows full well the effect it has on me. At the end, Mistress said thank you for the chocolates I’d brought her and wished me a safe journey home.

My fascinating experiences as a submissive male are far from over however. This time it’s her turn to hatch an evil plan and our latest emails are hinting that Mistress will share details of my depravities with someone for financial blackmail. I’m beginning to think that running into a couple of her vanilla friends on the way up to her place that afternoon was no accident…