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An Excellent Dubai Visit

Having recently spent four days in total in Dubai on my way in and out of the Gulf, I had to blog to thank all the wonderfu slaves I met there for such a brilliant time.

The trip however got off to the concerning start when the kind driver who came to pick me up from the airport was hit by a taxi. The driver of said taxi received one hell of a bollocking from me, however remained silent and it became clear to me rather quickly that these drivers, of varying nationalities, neither speak adequate English nor carry adequate cover for the damage they cause. Eeeek!

My place in Internet City is reliably spacious and comfortable and catered perfectly for my sessions, including:

– Forced Feminisation

– Bondage

– Hardsports

– Watersports

– Humiliation

– Trampling

– Strap On


I’ll be returning to Dubai from now on almost every time I fly into the Gulf. With that in mind the current confirmed dates for my next trip are:



Tribute is AED2000 for 1 hour and AED3500 for 2 hours.

It is imperitive to book in advance as I have a team of known, loyal, dedicated slaves in Dubai and making time for those outside of this circle will be tricky if they don’t get in touch in good time. Texting me at 9pm to ask for a session at 10pm, for example, is likely not to work.

I don’t use a local number but am contactable via email: modernempress@gmail.com and Whatsapp: +44(0)7523548961


ME x