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Boy Friday’s Collaring Afternoon *PICS*

After two years of loyal service, my obedient slave Boy Friday earned his collar. I invited my friend, Miss Helen, to witness his contract signing and she took these lovely photos to commemorate the special occaision. You can read his account of the session below…

London Mistress Modern Empress Collared Slave

London Mistress Modern Empress Collaring Slave

Dear Mistress,
Thank you for all the pre-planning and execution of my gradation into your stable, giving me an experience I can look back on with pride.
We started relaxed, but any opportunity to get up close and personal to your shoes and feet is welcomed, it reminds me of my place, demonstrates the superiority of the female form, abetted by some great looks from you, and however natural it feels to me at the time, I also know it is a sign of my submission, a slave must work for any pleasure, in ways that would appal the vanilla. The foot massage that followed was Zen for us both, I could feel you relaxing and aspire to build on my performances. The task in the lobby was an interesting twist on my work in your garden, and one I could also complete on my knees!
Inviting Miss Helen to our signing was wonderful. I could feel relaxed, but respectful in her presence, while she seemed genuinely intrigued by the contract, never belittling but quick with reminders that I am not in control of what happens. Being allowed to answer the door (I’m sure you knew I wanted that) meant I could take a lead in showing my worth and I tried to be your slave-butler, offering your guest a drink on your behalf : ) You also showed me you are recognising my obedience with cigarettes (the lighter and a delay in the swallow command) and in my attempts to gracefully position myself between tasks at my Dommes’ feet.
Talking through the contract was surprisingly scary, I suppose it was the realisation that a dream fantasy would become workable reality. When I signed up my own slave, it made what we do feel different, but I now know there is an extra edge at the other end of the leash. I felt stronger as soon as I had signed, knowing I had been true to myself and then gained memories of a collaring that I will treasure. And what an interesting collar too, I was stealing myself to like it only because it was your choice, but I love it for itself and am proud of it for what it symbolises. It’s left field, discreet enough for accompanied vanilla expeditions, and surprisingly butch! I suppose I have always thought of collars as a tool of sissyfiaction/objectification or the fetishic embodiment of the top. But mine is neither, it celebrates who I am as a submissive male, with an equal emphasis on both parts; and in doing so shows your own strength and power as the owner and controller of that resource.
I think the last 3 sessions have been a trilogy. The full scale testing of my levels and commitment, followed by an insight into what that effort can mean, and now the formal recognition of my initial training in what was a very cerebral and far reaching session. An entire box of my personality is now in your hands. I am certain you will mould and exploit that for your own wants and would not wish it any other way. There will be tasks I enjoy, events I will fear, but if I am worthy of your genuine ownership then the final pleasure will be mine.