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Can You Help?

As some of you will remember, every couple of years I visit South East Asia in order to volunteer and provide charitable donations. In the past I have focused on Cambodia and Myanmar, working for my favourite charity (Street Kids Rescue) known now as HEAL Kids Foundation. This charity is extremely unusual in the fact that 100% of the donations given reach the targets. This is due to the charity’s running costs being covered by the founder himself, in stark contrast to organisations such as Barnardos who spend extraordinary amounts on high staff salaries and marketing materials.

In the past, HEAL has been asked to help the Red Cross, MSF, Oxfam and other charities to deliver initiatives without bribery and corruption eating into the costs of operating in poor countries. Their strong local links and ability to operate under the radar of il-intentioned authorities make them especially effective.

With that in mind I’ll be returning to Myanmar in December. Can you help? The answer is “Yes” if you can spare either of the following:
– Used / worn children’s clothing ages 3-16
– Any small monetary donation given directly to the charity (even £1 helps! £1 is a day’s wage for someone who is very willing to work for a living.)

HEAL helps young people in Myanmar in the following ways:
– Homing & feeding children who are orphaned due to ethnic cleansing, natural disaster (remember that tsunami? Many children lost entire families) and illness.
– Providing routine surgeries for people unable to provide for their family due to simple conditions like cataracts.
– Caring for disabled or deformed children (often they’re this way due to poor parental diet or starvation.)
– Building schools and clinics & employing local people on fair wages commensurate with their economy to do so.
– Providing meat for children taken in by Buddhist monks and nuns who can really not afford to buy enough protein to sustain them all.
– Providing sex education, information on STDs, free contraceptives and sanitary products.
– Rescuing groups of girls who are abducted for the purpose of trafficking to paedophile or paid sex groups in other countries (via Laos etc) and providing them with education, housing and work skills so that they may avoid such situations in the future.

Myanmar is the World’s poorest country. There are no civil liberties, no democracy and no government spending. But healthcare and education = a population who can work, generate economic growth and demand a vote. Something many UK citizens take for granted.

I know that many of you can afford my tribute so I donate a proportion of what I earn every year – on your behalf – to this cause. If you can spare a little on top of that please consider my suggestions above 🙂


Please email via my Contact page to organise donation of children’s clothing.

ME x