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Cuckolding Sessions

From time to time I offer cuckolding sessions and they range from mild (indirect) to full-on (live).

Mistress’ cuckolding sessions usually take place in London but can be arranged in other cities that I visit on occasion.

Cuckolding sessions can include:
– Slave being humiliated about his tiny cock and how my over’s appendage is so much bigger
– Slave being shown images of my lover’s big cock
– Slave being forced to handle used condoms from my bull
– Slave being forced to listen to voicemail recordings on his phone of my bull and I having sex
– Slave being present watching us live

Please note that my bull does not offer forced bi activities and I do not permit pussy worship.

Here’s one of my young cucks below – click for full size picture.

London Mistress Humiliates Cuckold