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A slave of mine sent me this fantastic passage by email a few days ago. He found it via another Mistress’ blog, however she found it elsewhere and I couldn’t identify the original source. So, firstly, thanks to whomever wrote this and, secondly, I hope slaves will take the time to read it carefully.

She took him to dinner and ordered for him.

“What if I had dietary restrictions? ” he asked.

“Then you would have said, ‘I’m sorry, Ma’am, but I’m allergic to radishes’” She responded.

“Why would I be sorry?” he asked.

“Because you neglected to tell me that important part of your life, taking away from Me the opportunity to do the right thing by you. A Dominant can’t be depended on to make the right decisions without all the information on hand. That’s why the submissive has to be honest and tell the Dominant everything.”

A good Dominant will not assume that She knows what the submissive wants or needs. It takes time to discover these things and She should take the time to help the submissive probe his own fantasies and inner thoughts. The next step is helping him to learn Her wants and needs. Only after both these things occur can a fulfilling D/s relationship exist.