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Email From A Slave

I was exceedingly pleased and flattered to have received this message recently from Slave P!

Dear Empress,

I have been thinking about our session last week and where we have come to in our mistress/sub relationship after 4 sessions.

I believe that I have connected with you and your personality and am heading towards a true state of “subdom” that I had previously thought was probably a conceit of internet ramblers.

My other encounters with mistresses have involved a lot of role play on my part and literally paying lip service to my position of sub/slave.

I do hope that circumstances allow for us to continue sessioning for a long time as you are an intelligent and perceptive lady who has taken me to places that I did not know existed. Without your skills and evident enjoyment I would not have got to where I am and would certainly not be writing this.

Yours humbly,

Slave P