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Email From A Slave

This put a big smile on my face! Thank you to slave I 🙂

Thank you again for one of the best sessions we have ever done, and that is against a very high bar. I can look
back on our time and know I was used and humiliated in ways that would appal a vanilla man, but I feel proud
of my achievements for you, showing I can embrace the true male submissive that is part of my make up.

It is wonderful to know we can take real events such as your cold and use them to fashion our alternate reality,
which although alternate is as equally real. I came into the session believing there would be a mix of domestic
and bdsm tasks but could not have expected we would cover both areas so fully.

The outside tasks came as a shock, I thought the nasty things you hinted at would be in the bathroom, but as
with other public play I trust your judgment and gained pride in doing my duty, complete with respectful knocks
on the patio door. Can’t help feeling this is a taster of things to come, anything from applying your sun-cream in
the garden to a bbq with the girls…

Unhurried foot pampering was a treat and I thought this would cover the bubble bath idea. It took real restraint
on my part not to give your feet unauthorised kisses. I use your sighs and murmurs as a guide to my progress,
and although you could, am sure you don’t fake them. I think it relaxed my mind as much as your muscles and
it was totally right and fun that when your phone miss-behaved you took it out on me! And then came footstool,
which we did in our first session. Water sports and my m*sterbating in front of you have been more intimate
tasks, but that was the most intense thing we have ever done and made me feel fully owned and controlled. To
start with I felt you were trying to show that something pleasing could be made into something uncomfortable,
as per the OTK scene in my last story, and I was equally determined to ride it out and enjoy your control. So
I savoured the interaction with your feet and upshot views of legs and thigh. Then when you kicked my head
to one side and put the other foot to my throat something happened I can’t quite describe. The BDSM, the hint
of breath play, the knowledge that I had pleased you enough to live out a version of the fantasy you had asked
me to write. Most of all I felt owned, more than I ever have before and knew even if I wanted to, I could not
physically get out of it.