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Getting Oneself Arrested

From time to time I publish entertaining emails. Usually from timewasters or nutcases. In this case, the sender is probably neither. However he does have an interest in something that I can’t accomodate simply because it’s illegal to go flashing your schlong at passing ladyfolk. Still, seeing as he enjoys public humiliation so much, in publishing this and giving my friends and site visitors a good laugh I have somewhat facilitated his fantasy anyway. If the sender is reading this, please feel free to send me a photo of your “fairly large bent cock” and I’ll get it printed on a t-shirt for you.


I wear a thong and like it when the public see me wearing it. I would like to talk about a session so the public see my thong and fairly large Bent cock.

I would like to be spanked over your knee whilst wearing a thong in a public place so people can watch, this is my ULTIMATE fantasy. I would also REALLY like the public to be able to see my hard bent penis whilst you humiliate me for having a bent penis and tell some girls walking by to look at my bent cock and laugh etc etc.