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Group (8 on 1!) Mistress Humiliation In London

In between my travels I like to play with my slaves in London, and this particular session was intriguing.

Slave S, a regular entertainer for me, opted to let himself in for an 8 girl session. Yes, that’s EIGHT dominant girls all abusing one poor, vulnerable, slave body.

I was the only pro-Mistress, having invited 7 vanilla girlfriends of mine. For those of you who are curious, the term “vanilla” refers to girls who are not part of the dom/sub or BDSM scene. One of my friends was also 8 months pregnant, which in terms of a trampling and human furniture session probably counts as a “buy one get one free” deal.

After considerable crushing, trampling, use as a human sofa / foot rest / seat, pony rides for 1/2/3 girls at a time, smothering, butt drops, facesitting, forced spit drinking and…wait for it…consumption of FRESH BREAST MILK (!) slave S was still standing – remarkable.

I’ve included some photos and his own report on the session below ūüôā

In the words of slave S:

Dear ME
Thank you very much for another fantastic experience. ¬†The aches and pains have already set in. ¬†The worst pain is in my lower back, where the impact from the butt drops seemed to go, but knowing where the pain came from makes it almost pleasurable! ¬†Pass on my thanks to the vanilla girls as well, please…
I spent 2 hours this afternoon pushing my limits in an unforgettable session with ME and seven of her vanilla friends.  Yes, I spent 2 hours being jumped on, sat on and crushed by eight ladies and lived to tell the tale, which I will now do.
Before I went in, ME told me that there would be seven and a half vanilla girls. ¬†I wasn’t sure what this meant, but found out when I went in that one of them was pregnant! ¬†Throughout the session, she seemed a bit nervous about sitting on me full weight until ME assured me that she shouldn’t worry about it.
The session began with me lying full length on the sofa and all eight girls sitting on top of me.  They spent the next 20 minutes eating crisps and chocolates and having a girly chat, completely unconcerned about the poor guy being crushed underneath them.  For me, the experience was far from pleasant.  The pressure on me was unbelievable!  I am not very tall, so the girls had to double up on me.  ME was sitting on my chest and her pregnant friend sat on her, which made breathing extremely difficult.  Afterwards, the girls calculated that their combined weight was in excess of 80 stone!  I have no idea how I survived 20 minutes underneath them, but the session was only beginning.
Pony riding was the next activity.  I was forced to carry ME and one of her vanilla friends around the room.  Every now and then the vanilla girl would get off and someone else would take her place.  Eventually, three girls rode me at once.  This happened once before and the result was the same: I collapsed after about 30 seconds.
Next, ME shoved her used socks into my mouth and her underwear over my head.  This way, I was forced to taste her socks and smell her underwear.  I happened to be lying down at the time and three of the vanilla girls casually sat on me.  This continued throughout the session.  I often seemed to be on the ground with three or even four girls sitting on top of me.  They seemed to take great pleasure in using me as a seat and told me later on that I made a very comfortable seat.
The girls chatted for a few minutes as I adjusted to the taste of socks, the smell of underwear and the weight of three girls on top of me. ¬†I suddenly realised that a glass was being passed around and that all the girls were spitting into it, with the intention of making me drink it! ¬†It wasn’t just saliva either. ¬†Judging by the sounds, quite a few girls were adding phlegm to the glass. ¬†One of them must have been eating a chocolate at the time, as the mixture seemed to develop a brown colour. ¬†Then I heard one of the girls say that she was going to add “Titmol” to the mixture. ¬†I assumed that Titmol was a juice drink, an alternative to Tropicana. ¬†I then discovered that I had misheard; she had said “tit milk”. ¬†Yes, this lady squirted milk from her nipple into the glass for me to drink. ¬†I was then forced to drink this mixture of saliva, phlegm and human milk. ¬†The girls were astonished, as was I, when I managed to keep it down.
The butt drops activity was next. ¬†I lay on the ground and the girls began to take it in turns to stand above me, jump up in the air and land full weight on my chest or stomach. ¬†It was worse when they landed on my stomach, as the impact seemed to go through my kidneys and out my back. ¬†Each girl seemed to find it necessary to do several butt drops in quick succession. ¬†One of them in particular (the “Titmol” girl, in fact) perfected the technique. ¬†She managed to jump several feet in the air before landing on me. ¬†Every time she got up after doing this, I curled up into a foetal position, my stomach and back in agony.
The girls eventually tired of the butt drops and used me as human furniture. ¬†I was forced to go on my hands and knees, while two of them sat on my back. ¬†One of them was ME. ¬†She got up after a while and one of the vanilla girls took her place. ¬†I had pins and needles in my arms by the time they both got up, but my ordeal was not over. ¬†I had to do a “plank” (a gym activity, I believe) while a few of the girls sat on me. ¬†I managed to hold the position for only five seconds before collapsing, but the girls were quite impressed that I lasted even that long.
I was then forced to smell everyone’s feet. ¬†I had to rate the smell from 1 to 10, 1 being almost odourless and 10 being extremely smelly. ¬†No-one had very smelly feet, but they then put all their feet in my face at once and the combined smell of all their feet at once was very strong.
ME now demonstrated face-sitting to the vanilla girls. ¬†She sat on my face several times, not lifting up until I felt that I would pass out from lack of air. ¬†At one stage she even farted on my face! ¬†She had threatened to do this, but I had not believed that she would do it. ¬†I couldn’t really smell anything until she got up, but then I could smell her fart. ¬†The gas seemed to be stuck in my nostrils and lingered for quite a while!
ME now felt need to urinate and she did – all over me! ¬†The “Titmol” girl decided that urine on its own was not enough and squirted some of her milk right into my eye!
Overall, this was a very satisfying occasion.  I spent two hours being subjected to all sorts of abuse and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I will be back one day and hope to further expand the boundaries of what I can endure!