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Group Insults & Humiliation Of A Fat Pig

Last night saw a group of my girlfriends and I getting together to thoroughly degrade one of the biggest losers I’ve ever met. This fat, pig-like, specimen hasn’t had sex with his wife in over 3 years. Frankly, we could see why. Not only is he an unattractive lump but he has a micro penis that is so stubby and wrinkled it resembles a newly born Sharpei.

Pig was instructed to bring over several bottles of wine plus some snacks to keep us happy. Once he arrived he was instructed to strip and stand in the center of the room for an inspection. The girls didn’t hesitate in verbally abusing him, shrieking with laughter as the insults flew. Within minutes, this had progressed to interrogation on his sexual experiences, stamina (or lack thereof), his wife’s affairs with other men, etc. After I gave the girls a prolonged caning demonstration, lacerating pig’s behind in the process, they were each keen to have a go themselves and, using both backhand and forehand strokes, gave the worthless fatty a good beating.

By the time we’d waxed the slave’s pubic hair, tortured his cock and balls, used various electrical toys on his ugly body and made him drink our spit and piss, the poor sod was traumatised. The final game involved us trampling his pudgy palms whilst wearing our heeled boots, producing nasty pink marks where the stilettos had skewered his flesh. We’ve termed this “Pigmata” in honour of our lowly worm!

Instructed to dress without having been given any opportunity to tug on his miniscule member, pig was pushed out of the front door to the sound of “Piss off, fuckface!” Luckily for him, he didn’t forget to take the bins out on his way…*chuckle*