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It is with immense sadness that I announce I will be closing my books. From now on I will only be playing with nearest and dearest slaves I already know. You could call this a retirement of sorts, or a hiatus, but it means that I won’t be welcoming session applications from strangers any longer.

As many of you know, nowadays I am engaged in academic research at a high level. This achievement has been down to the incredible support that I have received from you all over the ten years I have been practicing as a dominatrix. The sessions you’ve taken part in have been fun, educational, thrilling, and enlightening. They have enabled me to break free from the 9 to 5 grind and have the time and ability to meet so many of you all over the World. Those of you who know me well also realise that I do not have an indulgent lifestyle, but instead have invested much of my surplus income into my academic training and research. In fact, you have helped fund my latest study: one that will help those suffering from dementia. Some of you may have relatives who suffer from associated conditions, and my father has had a long and arduous battle with it himself.

Due to the demands of research at this level, I need to take a break of 1 to 2 years from committing to regular in-person sessions. This will allow me to complete this extremely testing period of academic work. I’ll be pushing to complete the research in this time primarily due to the high level of funding I’m providing and also due to the availability of other members of my team.

for updates on my new ventures keep an eye on my website and Twitter account: @HumiliatrixUK for information.