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Lesbian Cuckold by slave b

As, always, this is a true reproduction of slave b’s story – complete with spelling mistakes. An arousing introduction to what I hope will take shape as a very entertaining set of stories.

Lesbian London Mistress Licking

James was so excited about his next session with his Mistress he could hardly contain himself.
For several years now he had being making regular visits to see Mistress M to be disciplined and
punished. Although almost 60 now, James prided himself in still having a lean body and good
physique. His wife of many years, the mother of their grown children, seemed to have lost all
interest in sex when the children came along and although he was still loyal and affectionate, his
marriage was sterile and sexless. Over the years James had built his small publishing business into
a very viable operation and when one of the major publishing houses bought him out, keeping him
on as advisor, he basically had more money than he knew what to do with. Then he met Svetlana.
Oh Svetlana! Ukrainian, 22, natural blonde, a body to die for, vivacious, outgoing and very, very high
maintenance. James really did not mind spending on Svetlana as the pride he took in having her on
his arm, his trophy, made every visit to the spar, every Chanel bag, every airline ticket more than
worthwhile. Sex with Svetlana was good, but not, James had to admit, spectacular. Svetlana was
a bit too passive, a bit too detached. Giving him a blow job, for example, she would perform well
but with mechanical actions rather than true passion. James felt sure he knew what would put fire
into the relationship – he would make Svetlana his Dominatrix! When they fucked, James sustained
his erection by imaging Svetlana coldly ordering him to kiss her boots and ordering to bend over
to receive a ‘Venus in furs’ style sever whipping. Over drinks one evening he broached the subject
of female domination with Svetlana and her interest was obviously piqued. Then James had an
inspiration. He would ask Mistress M to teach Svetlana to be his Dominatrix!

Mistress M was slightly reluctant at first but after grilling James about Svetlana she eventually
agreed to a session. One thing James had admired about Mistress M, whom herself was young,
highly intelligent and very good looking, was her ability to read moods and emotions, especially
sexually. She knew just how to push James’ sexual buttons and could have him erect, on the verge of
orgasm and on his knees begging with not much more than a look and a few carefully chosen words.
It was this skill and sexuality that kept James coming back again and again. Secretly he was yearning
to fuck his Mistress and felt sure that would give him the deep satisfaction that was missing from his
life, a yearning even Svetlana could not quite fulfil. Mistress M listened to his desires, encouraged
him, teased him mercilessly but also made it absolutely clear sex with her was not going to happen,
ever. Even body worship was strictly restricted to below the knee and if James let his tongue or
hands stray outside the permitted zone he would feel the full force of a slap, a whip or a cattle prod.

What James had in mind was that finding the Dominatrix in Svetlana would liberate her sexually
and result in the wild, uninhibited passionate sex James longed for. In his mind Svetlana would have
all the sexual allure and power of Mistress M, but the passion would be consummated as Svetlana
willingly, hungrily and gratefully allowed what Mistress M denied. It had not escaped James’ notice
that the only time he felt really sexually aroused was when Mistress M was teasing and denying him.
He knew, although reluctant to admit it even to himself that being dominated by Mistress M gave
him a bigger sexual thrill than those times when Svetlana allowed him to come in her mouth (why
did she have to spit it out so quickly as if it were poison?). Svetlana also was not terribly adventurous
with regard to different positions and when James tried to explore her anus with his finger, her
reaction was so sharp he never tried again.

Arriving at Mistress M’s tastefully furnished domestic play space (she found dungeons slightly
tacky) James was ordered to strip, sit on a chair and was soon demobilised, having his ankles and
wrists securely cuffed. James was expecting Mistress M to begin to instruct Svetlana in the art of

domination, foot worship, or whipping for example. What took him totally by surprise was the way
Svetlana stood in front of mistress M, her head slightly bowed, hands behind back and looking, well
submissive. This was not the confident, loud even at times, outgoing Svetlana that James knew.
Mistress M completely ignored James and slowly paced around Svetlana, her stiletto heels marking
out a steady beat. She lifted Svetlana’s face in one of her hands, and spat directly into her mouth.
Holding Svetlana’s gaze she slowly whispered – ‘Well Svetlana, I think why you are really here is
because you want me to make you my sex slave –am I right?’ Svetlana replied with a low voice and
dry throat ‘Yes, Mistress I do’. This was not what James had expected but nevertheless he found his
cock was as hard as a rock. Mistress M began to slowly and seductively undress Svetlana, her touch
made her nipples erect in a way James had never seen and he could tell she was sexually excited in a
totally different way than he had ever seen her. Ordered to kneel, Svetlana buried her head between
Mistress M’s legs, which were willingly opened naked and wide for her, and consumed Mistress M’s
cunt with total wild abandon. Svetlana was panting, hungry and completely willing to do anything
she was told and Mistress M soon reached an explosive orgasm, letting out a long cry of pleasure.
Bringing out a large strap on Mistress M informed Svetlana that from now on that was the only cock
she would ever touch and she would worship it. Svetlana took the thick artificial cock deeply into her
mouth, deep throating with such skill and obvious pleasure before kneeling to kiss Mistress M’s feet
and begging her to fuck her with it, hard, deep and long. Mistress M laughed, saying simply ‘all in
good time, slave, all in good time.’

Turning to James, Mistress M firmly grasped his erect cock tightly and painfully. Looking him straight
in the eye she said ‘Your Svetlana is my slave now. You will maintain and spoil her, treating her like
a Princess. You may wine and dine her and show her off to your friends but you are never going to
have sex with her ever again. You will bring her here once a week and pay me double rate so that
we may enjoy each other whilst you sit and wait. Sometimes you will be allowed to watch, at other
times you will not, it will depend on how I feel. Do I make myself clear, slave?’

All poor James could manage was a ‘Yes Mistress’ as he felt himself lose control and release a spurt
of sperm as he experienced the most satisfying orgasm he had experienced for years. The session
closed with Mistress M disdainfully telling James ‘lick that up before you go’. Svetlana was glowing
with sexual satisfaction and could not help but giggle as James got down on his knees to clean up.