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Male Doms

From time to time I am asked by slaves if a male dom can join sessions. It’s certainly not for everyone, however it is requested often enough for me to tackle the topic here.

I, like most discerning London Mistresses, will only session with people whom I know and trust. So it is only recently, now that a dominant male friend of mine has made himself available to session, that I can offer mixed male & female dom(me) sessions. These sessions are open to both men and women and, as the male dom in question is a bisexual master of physical discipline as well as humiliation and control, they hold appeal to slaves interested in anything from bondage to boot worship, beatings or blowjobs.

Mister Grey is also the sharply dressed house dom at Toppers Club, a London BDSM gathering. Approachable, affable, and kinky as hell, he has been described as “A dangerously deviant, suited and booted smiling sadist. Stealth, secrecy, and spanking are some of his specialities, and for you a sense of humour is essential. He believes life is too short to be taking things too seriously, however – whilst whips and chains are fun toys to play with, there is no substitute for *real* submission; his ability to mesmerise someone with the right kind of stare is a power unlike anything else.”

Mister Grey receives session requests from a great many female as well as male slaves. If you would like to arrange a session with he and I then please get in touch via the contact form on this site.