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Middle East Visit Dates – UPDATE!

Hi there folks,


It’s been a busy few months and that’s why I haven’t been blogging quite so much.

However the time has come to announce my dates for the near future, so here you go…


DUBAI 14-16 November – BOOKED UP with the exception of a few hrs on Sat 15th Nov

BAHRAIN 16-18 November – BOOKING UP FAST! Availability remains for 2hrs on 16th Nov evening, and 2hrs on Mon 17th Nov daytime.

DUBAI 30th November – 6th December – Apply ASAP via modernempress@gmail.com NB: Double sessions with Mistress Heelena will be available in Dubai on the 1st December. Spend that paycheck wisely 😉

LONDON 16-23 December – BOOKED UP until Fri 19th December so apply ASAP for your last session of 2014 as I’ll be away from London then for a while

LONDON 21-28 January 2015

DUBAI – 29th January – 5th February 2015

Further dates TBC


As always, next year’s dates are provisional, subject to change (potentially), and not necessarily exhaustive. If you have arranged something with me outside of these dates do not panic – the dates I advertise are those on which I am available at this time…if I’m booked up, i.e. seeing you, they won’t necessarily make it to my blog.


I always hate to turn my boys away…I’m fond of many of my slaves and if I know you and have seen you many times you can rest assured that you are a delight for me. So please do take the time to book in advance if you can, as it means I am able to make time for those I enjoy the most.


ME xx