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Poets’ Corner

A wonderful ode to his Mistress from slave K in Dublin:

She likes that he’s early and lets him stay late

Is it modern madness or a leap of faith?

But he’s here and it’s real, no cliches or theatrics

They’re just getting their kicks in room 626

Now this is a beautiful woman, to be amused and obeyed

On the bed to his left are her tools of the trade

A place for everything and everything in its place

His is on the floor, her fabulous feet flattening his freckled face

Shoe shining some sexy size seven Sherbert stilettos subject to her whim

What others call deviancy, makes perfect sense to him

But can he even keep up? He’d best become sharper and fitter

She even makes him want to sign up to Twitter

She’ll domme his thoughts for weeks, of that there’s no doubt

She rules the earth, he’s just the first man in Dublin to find out

They say their goodbyes while he has high heels to defile

The emperor is dead, long live the Empress of the Emerald Isle