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Rod’s Public Humiliation *story*

I decided to repost an old story below, from my previous blog, on the request of several slaves. NB: I do NOT take responsibility for editing and spell-checking slave submitted stories. Nevertheless, enjoy!

A Drink With Modern Empress by slave R

I picked up the external call “Hello Rod speaking” .

“Hi,it’s me” answered a female voice. “Hi” I replied – the sexy voice sounded like it was the Empress, but best to be careful just in case it was my wife. “ Ready for tonight?” I guess it was the Empress. “Yes I’m looking forward to it as always”.

“Good. Now I have some instructions for you. Before you leave the office I want you to put on the bra and panties I told you to bring. Meet me at the Pitcher and Piano at 6.00. Also when I arrive I want you sitting at a table drinking a daiquiri, reading a copy of playgirl in plain view. You got that?” “Yes Empress” I gulped. “So what magazine will you be reading?” “Playgirl“ I mumbled softly. “Sorry, I didn’t catch that”. I looked over nervously at my work colleague sitting next to me. She seemed to be engrossed in her work. “Playgirl” I mumbled slightly louder. The Empress laughed. “I guess that will have to do. Don’t be late”

At 5.00 I packed up and went to the loo. I got into the cubicle and got undressed as quietly as I could – even though I knew no one could see me I was still nervous. Once undressed I put on the purple panties and then the white bra. At least the bra was white I thought, though I hadn’t been able to find a bra that was big enough and so it was a little tight. Unfortunately I had chosen to put on a white shirt that day. Once my shirt and trousers were on I looked in the mirror. I could definitely see the bra underneath. However being winter I put on my jacket followed by my coat and there was no way anyone could see the bra underneath.

I made my way to Liverpool Street and looked for a newsagent in the station. I walked in nervously, and went to the magazine section. I pretended to be looking at a business magazine, but surreptitiously glanced up at the top shelf. There were various girly magazines, and right at the end was a copy of Playgirl with a broad naked chested hunk on the front cover. I had a quick glance round at all of the smartly dressed office workers and when I thought no one was looking I quickly grabbed the magazine and rolled it up before taking it to the counter. The server was a young Indian bloke. Just as I got to be served a middle aged woman got behind me in the queue. This was embarrassing. I quickly handed over the magazine. “That’ll be £8.99 please” he said with a smile. I went bright red as I paid. He took an age to put the magazine in a brown paper bag and I hurriedly put it into my bag keeping my head down. That was really embarrassing and I could feel the tightness of the bra which for some reason added to my embarrassment, though rationally I knew no one could know.

I went to the pub and ordered my daiquiri. Hopefully the barman thought I was ordering it for someone else. I was tempted to find a table in a corner, but I knew the Empress would not approve and no doubt inflict even worse humiliation. I therefore found a table reasonably in the open, but where I did not expect to many people to walk past. I took off my coat and sat down, ensuring my jacket fully covered my chest. I pulled the magazine out of the paper bag and flicked through the pages until I found a double page spread which had no incriminating pictures. This was not too bad.

Shortly afterwards the Empress walked in and sat down opposite me. We said hello and she had a quick look at the magazine. She then returned it to me, leaving it open in front of me on a double spread page of a completely naked well hung stud. I knew better than to close it and hoped not many people would walk past. It did not seem so bad with the Empress sitting at the table. She than asked me to open my jacket, which I did. She laughed when she clearly saw the bra underneath. “Right, now take your jacket off and get me kir Royale”. I immediately went bright red at this. This would be totally humiliating and embarrassing. The strange thing was although the thought was totally embarrassing it also gave me a huge erection at the same time.

“I’m waiting” she said. “You’re getting off lightly. I could make you do far worse things. You don’t want to disobey me”. I knew not to argue and stood up. Luckily there was no one at the bar and I quickly took my jacket off and strode to the bar, hoping no one would notice either my bra or my erection. “Yes please?” asked the bar man. I nervously asked for a Kir Royale. I could see a smirk on his face as he looked at my chest. This was REALLY embarrassing and humiliating. After paying him I hurried back to the table, walking past a group of young girls on the way. I am sure they were staring at me as they started giggling.