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Shoe Worship

Retifism: An overwhelming sexual desire involving shoes or boots.

Having recently read Krafft-Ebbing’s Psychopathia Sexualis, which was published in 1886, it seems probable that such fetishes have been around since the day shoes were invented. There are many cases of shoe fetishism described in the book along with fetishes for hankerchiefs, ladies’ nightcaps, petticoats, bustles, riding equipment, and any other accoutrements of the day.

But I’ve always wondered why shoe worship is so popular in my slaves. It is something that at least 70% of my subs request, unlike the other kinks which seem to be less common between individuals. Is it because they simply ‘do it’ for most men, or that shoes are such an everyday sight that since childhood they’ve associated them with pretty feet, sexually alluring girls and power? Maybe it’s that in some cases it’s an ‘easy’ way into worshipping a Mistress, less intimidating than some of the other demands she could make of you? Perhaps it’s the fact that they’ve been on those prized, highly-fetishised, feet of hers.

Whatever it is, it would appear that retifism in its mild form is one of the most common fetishes in existence. However, sometimes things go awry….as these slaves below found out when faced with me and my vanilla friend.

London Mistresses Arsefuck Slaves With High Heels