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Slutty Sub Girl Session – *PIC*

I had a wonderful session recently with slave P and our slutty sub girl C.

She arrived wearing a cute, diaphanous, sun dress with her petite but curvaceous frame proudly on display. He arrived looking pleased, but nervous.

I proceeded to punish both of them; her for her scattiness, he for his perviness. C took a hard spanking and dutifully pulled her panties down to her ankles when instructed so that I could inspect her thoroughly and draw slave P’s attention to her beautiful bottom and breasts.

They were then instructed to punish eachother in various ways for my amusement, including CP, CBT and bondage.

However the ultimate humiliation came for the slutty sub girl when I instructed her to take slave P’s exciteable cock in her mouth. Needless to say, it didn’t take much for him to eagerly blow his load!

All in all, a very exciting afternoon. If you would like to visit me for a joint Domme & sub girl session, contact me via email: modernempress@gmail.com

London Mistresses & Their Sub Girls