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Upcoming Travels etc – UPDATE!

Time for an update on my whereabouts this summer.

Due to Ramadan, and the diabolical temperatures, I’ll be away from Dubai until the end of August / beginning of September. Watch this space and my Twitter account (@HumiliatrixUK) for confirmation of the exact dates nearer the time. Sessions in Dubai should be applied for by email via modernempress@gmail.com or you can whatsapp me but only 48 hours before your intended session date. I will NOT engage in conversations that simply begin with “Hi”.

I’ll be visiting London in July, from the 16th until the 29th. Please note that I am semi-retired, that is to say that new slaves in London are no longer able to session with me. You can see my previous blog posts for some Mistress recommendations in London. My known, regular, slaves are of course welcome to apply for session time with me in the usual way. I am almost booked up at this stage but will endeavour to fit you in as I miss my London boys terribly when I am away!

For those of you who have asked what I’m up to, outside of the dates that I advertise as being available to session in either Dubai or London, I am busy enjoying other endeavours. I am currently studying for my MSc and travelling between Europe and the Middle East. I promise I haven’t forgotten you all 🙂

In the meantime, you might like to check out Sardax’ latest sketch of me, which I was thrilled with! You can find it on my Twitter account, and it will be posted here soon: @HumiliatrixUK

ME x