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Venus In Furs

I just treated myself to a copy of Sardax’ latest ebook: Venus In Furs.

It’s an absolutely stunning presentation of the classic Leopold von Sacher-Masoch story first published in 1870. Venus In Furs is compulsory reading for anybody embarking on a lifestyle or dalliance in the BDSM world, and a firm favourite of most London Mistresses. Its importance in the history of sexual anthropology is immense: after all, the term “Masochism” was coined in recognition of the author’s exploration of male submission in this erotic tale.

In his ebook, Sardax has accompanied the story with over ten original paintings that he has produced inspired by the text. It is, quite frankly, the best £5 you’ll ever spend. As it’ll be concealed on your ipad, kindle, or other e-reader noone will know what you’re leering over on the tube. Get downloading, boys!

You can find it on sale here

London Mistresses' Favourite is Venus In Furs