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I had a fantastic session yesterday with a new Egyptian slave.

I treated the little loser with utter disrspect, pushing him around, covering his face and body with my spit, reminding him what a micro-dicked and inferior specimen he is, slapping his face and man tits, drawing all over him in marker pen, pulling his hair and making him lick my shoes and feet clean. Once I was done with him I pissed all over his face and body and laughed as I instructed him to tug on his 1 inch stub – didn’t take him long before he was oozing a pool of loser-juice all over his hairy belly! Haha, made my day. What a fool.

One thing he asked me was whether it was detrimental to his health to ingest my urine. In my case, the answer is no…I’m perfectly healthy and have never (touch wood) suffered from cystitis or any other infections of that area. However, if you are unsure as to the risks that watersports poses you can reassure yourself by reading up on the topic. Common medical opinion is that urine is harmless so long as it doesn’t come from an infected source – therefore choose your Domme wisely! Also it shouldn’t cause any stomach upset so long as you don’t consume it in mass quantities – by that they mean litres of the stuff.

So, piss-lovers, you can revel in my golden nectar in the knowledge that you won’t be hospitalised any time soon.

London Mistress Watersports Advice