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Yesterday’s Cuckold Session

Slave I arrived looking nervous and apprehensive. He had requested a live cuckolding session and I was only too happy to oblige, inviting my handsome bull over to show him how it’s done.

Before the bull arrived, however, it was time to prepare our sissy slut. Stripped, showered, kneeling in front of me, she looked ripe for some feminisation. I had already selected a lacy, tarty, black and baby pink body with moulded cups and sheer black panels paired with matching sheer thong panties with a small ribbon bow on the waistband. A fringed chestnut wig completed the look beautifully and had I had more time, a full face of makeup would have transformed the slut into a convincing piece of female meat.

Time for a good spanking. Instructed to bend over, slut revealed her plump juicy backside for a reddening. I started softly, gently, almost kindly but within minutes I had built up to firm, sharp slaps alternating between each cheek. Perfectly pink and glowing, slut was told to face the corner and await my bull with bottom on show.

London Mistresses' Cuckolding Sessions With Bull

The bull rang the bell and I’m sure that by this stage the slut’s nerves were tingling with fear and excitement. Entering the room, the bull just about concealed a laugh at the slut’s predicament. “Like the outfit” he commented. In a matter of seconds he had his trousers around his ankles, his immediately hard and generously sized cock presented to me for a sucking. Poor slut, by now named “Candy Cumdump”, was under strict instructions not to play with herself whilst sat on a bench opposite us.

Some time, much fucking and two orgasms later, I allowed my bull to fill his condom with a thick, fresh load of jizz. He disappeared off to the bathroom to clean up whilst I commanded Candy to lay on her back on the floor. Her mouth opened wide, she received the contents of the condom followed by a hot stream of my piss straight down her throat. The lucky bitch swallowed every drop – after all, what else is she good for? Haha – a great way to spend a Monday afternoon.